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Meet two hockey buddies and big Leafs fans named Gardiner and Rielly

John and Andy, that is, not those other two.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Nashville Predators Todd Korol/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Leafs dads’ trip is on right now as the organization took advantage of all the families in town for the Centennial Classic to take off with the players’ fathers in tow for the short road trip that finishes up with a classic Leafs vs Habs match up on Saturday night in Toronto just before the bye week.

Two of the fathers know each other really well, as their kids have been sharing the Leafs blueline for going on four years. Over that time they’ve gotten to know each other, and they even text while the games are on.

Both men were very enthusiastic about the Centennial Classic experience and how much they and the families enjoyed it.

Both Jake and Morgan are good interviews, guys who speak knowledgeably about the game, and their dads are as well. Listen for John Gardiner talking about the new flex on Jake’s stick, but stay around for the photo montage featuring some really ugly plaid suits.