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Lamoriello to meet with Swedish IHA chair about Nylander's health

Swedish newspaper Expressen reports that decisions about William Nylander's participation in the World Junior Championship will be "delayed until match day."

Lou Lamoriello will be in Helsinki on Saturday morning, and will meet with Swedish Ice Hockey Association vice chair Peter Forsberg about Nylander as well as other issues.

"We've decided to get together and talk about a lot of different things, and how to communicate when Toronto decides to release him. It is entirely amicable," Forsberg said. "I've had contact with [Lou] now several times since William was injured. Toronto is very pleased with how we have handled it all, and how we have been working with the information from our doctors and theirs. It is important for us to manage everything in a good way to release players for the future. And now, Toronto has been a good example of how we handle a situation like this."

Even though it would be "a dream" for Sweden to have Nylander cleared to play, Forsberg made sure to say that it is not the Swedish Ice Hockey Association that rules whether or not he can take the ice, but instead Nylander's doctors from Sweden and Toronto. He reiterates that "William's integrity and health are number one."

The story will be updated after Lamoriello's meeting tomorrow.