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Women's Hockey

Women’s World Championships begins on Friday

Consider this a beginner’s guide to watching Worlds.

IIHF Women’s World Championships in Calgary this August

The games are back on.

Women’s hockey games and where to find them

We’ve got all the dates in one place for your bookmarking needs!

Q&A with PWHPA players: hopes, dreams and NWHL expansion

Sarah Nurse, Emily Janiga and Carolyne Prévost talk about their time with the PWHPA so far.

WHW: Hayley Wickenheiser inducted into HHOF

The world’s greatest player becomes the seventh woman inducted.

WHW: Delivering a message on and off the ice

WHW: Watch Canada vs USA this weekend

Canada vs USA games should be the easiest sell in the sport, so why aren’t they being sold better?

WHW: NHL “plan” for a women’s league

The news in Friedman’s report might not be what you think.

WHW: What’s in a name?

The Chicago PWHPA showcase was home to some thrilling hockey, and some not so thrilling errors from the announcers.

WHW: Damkronorna have a deal!

The Swedish Women’s National Team will have their first practice the weekend of the now-cancelled Four Nations Cup.

WHW: The Dream Gap Tour rolls on

Annie goes to Hudson!

WHW: From learning to play to building a Dream

On IIHF World Girls Hockey Weekend, both girls and women are out to play.

WHW: Launching the Dream Gap Tour

It was a special weekend in Etobicoke as the PWHPA embarked on what they hope will be a historic tour.

Recapping the Unifor Women’s Hockey Showcase

Basic recaps of all 4 games. Box scores, really.

How to watch the Dream Gap Tour

The PWHPA has landed a CBC streaming deal.

WHW: Sweden cancels Four Nations Cup

The Swedish Ice Hockey Federation may believe they’re protecting themselves, but are they doing long-term damage instead?

WHW: An introduction to the SDHL

If you’re looking for elite level women’s hockey in a league format, head to Sweden.

WHW: Welcome to the Dream Gap Tour [UPDATED]

The PWHPA aims to showcase the best of women’s hockey this season.

WHW: Damkronorna pushing #ForTheFuture

Haven’t we heard this one before? Can’t national federations find a new tune to play?

WHW: Canada vs USA, prospect edition

Camps are over, teams are set, the U-22 and U-18 national teams start a three-game series today.

WHW: Looking forward and stepping backward

Women’s hockey is still struggling for some basic respect.

How to watch the Women’s Summer Showcase

Canada’s selection camp for the women’s Under-22 and Under-18 teams gets underway this week.

WHW: Moving forward

As development camp approaches women’s hockey players at all levels are looking to the future.

WHW: News on the HHOF, the NWHL, the CWHL, and the PWHA

It’s a bit hot for alphabet soup but that’s what we’ve got for you this week.

WHW: Hayley Wickenheiser... and who else? Names for the HHOF

It’s time for our annual rant!

WHW: NWHL creeps forward, SDHL makes a splash

Let’s all move to Sweden.

WHW: NWHL drama and the birth of the PWHPA

Many developments #ForTheGame and in the NWHL over the past two weeks.

WHW: #ForTheGame in their own words

The players, their supporters, and their naysayers all had a lot to say this week.

200 women’s hockey players announce boycott of upcoming season

Players plan to sit out until the creation of a sustainable league.

WHW: CWHL finale

Interesting things happened in other areas of women’s hockey this week and we have those links. But oh, our hearts.

WHW: Worlds wrap-up... and now we wait

Players displayed some brilliant hockey at Worlds, and now they come home with decisions to make.

Espoo 2019: USA named World Champions

After an incredible performance and a disallowed goal, Finland loses in the shootout.


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