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Frederik Andersen is Lego Batman for the World Cup

DaveArt has created goalie masks for the World Cup, and for Andersen, he's gone back to the motif of Lego Batman, only with a Toronto flavour this time. Check out the photos.

Batman is coming to Toronto
Batman is coming to Toronto
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

DaveArt, also known as David Gunnarsson is a Swedish artist who has a story somewhat similar to the hockey players he draws for. He grew up on a farm, had a future all laid out for him, but all he wanted to do was draw. He started with his first airbrush studio when he was 16, and applied the same kind of dogged determination it takes to make it to the NHL, and well, he made it to the NHL.

Frederik Andersen has worn Dave's art before, and Dave's fondness for Lego characters suits the Dane who wants to remember where he came from (Lego is Danish). In his new World Cup mask, Lego Batman peaks out from behind all that Maple Leaf Blue, and there is a Danish flag in there too.

Dave is also teasing some other work he's got underway, a mask for Jhonas Enroth. Blue is again the theme.

Check out the rest of Dave's creations, particularly his whole series of World Cup masks on Instagram or on his website.