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From the Branches: PK Subban injured

Subban sustains a neck injury during a game against Buffalo, and is under hospital observation.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

When the heart and soul of hockey gets injured, everyone stops to pay attention. Rumor is that PK Subban is okay, but the incident itself was scary, and the kind of freak accident that has nothing to do with skill:

Subban and Sabres forward Marcus Foligno were chasing the puck in the corner behind the Canadiens net. Subban lost his balance and while on his knees was hit in the head by Emelin's backside.

"I remember Emelin coming in probably trying to finish a check on me, and P.K., I think he fell down and got in the way," Foligno said. "Scary incident and we hope he's all right."

Subban's head jerked to the right after the contact. He was on the ice for several minutes before medical personnel took him off with 2:26 left in the period. Subban's skates were taped together and his head was immobilized. (source)

This morning PK can move his extremities, which is incredibly important.

Kevin Weekes ✔ ‎@KevinWeekes
I've spoken to a Member of the Subban Family,fortunately they confirmed PK will be okay and is under observation.@NHL @NHLNetwork.

I get flashbacks to Denna Laing (and of course my own dad) when scary stuff like this happens, and I'm so very grateful that PK isn't feeling as bad as that injury made it look.

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