Shane Doan to the Leafs?

It all began with Nick Kypreos who is quoted as saying that there are "rumblings" that the Leafs are interested in Shane Doan. On Monday's Jeff Marek show, Elliotte Friedman said that it can't be confirmed to be happening, but Kypreos was not wrong in what he said.

2023 NHL Draft Profile: Dmitri Simashev

Looking at the stats and highlights of Russian defense prospect Dmitri Simashev, and if he's worth Toronto taking with their first round pick.

Monday FTB: 'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to start sharing profiles and information about the 2023 NHL draft, especially when it concerns the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I Like the Leafs

You're not supposed to. You're supposed to hate them or be bitter about them or jaded or resigned to them being so Leafy ha ha. You're not supposed to just like them.

PPP After Dark: Saturday night Stanley Cup game #1

It's the Stanley Cup Final, Game #1. Talk about this, or talk about something else! It's a quiet weekend with a hockey game so let's enjoy one of these teams losing together.

Report: Leafs in preliminary talks to extend Sheldon Keefe

This is in the early stages, but the context for this news comes as Mike Babcock is confirmed to be the head coach in Columbus once his Maple Leafs contract ends at the end of this month and other teams are finalizing coaching searches.

FTB: Why are you so mad?

The 2023 Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight and a certain demographic of Canadians are furious at the final two teams. Why?

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hockey

Kyle Dubas built a team that was competitive and if they keep trying eventually they'll get the bounces and they'll win. He didn't build a team to go for it and win the Cup. Okay. How do you know? Because they lost x times in a row. Ergo...

Friday FTB: what is Treliving's first move?

The Brad Treliving era in Toronto has officially begun. In the press conference yesterday the new GM confirmed there are

Instant reaction to Brad Treliving's presser

Just add water and stir. The takeaway noodles you can make at home!

Watch Brad Treliving Live

The first media availability of the Maple Leafs new General Manager is live in this post – will be replayable later. Scheduled start time is 11:00 am.

Thursday FTB: Six things we know about Brad Treliving

Yesterday, Brad Treliving was officially named the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Maple Leafs officially name Brad Treliving

Maple Leafs officially name Brad Treliving as General Manager

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced that they have hired Brad Treliving to be the team's 18th general manager. Brad

Analyzing Brad Treliving's Draft History

Analyzing the draft history of Brad Treliving with the Calgary Flames and seeing how he stacks up against Kyle Dubas and the Maple Leafs. No reason, why do you ask?

Career to date: who is Brad Treliving?

It has been the worst kept secret since Brendan Shanahan fired Kyle Dubas a week and a half ago. Brad Treliving (53 now, 54 in August) was at the top of the Toronto Maple Leafs search for a new general manager and now it appears that the process is complete.

FTB: Reports that Brad Treliving will be next Leafs GM

The Leafs GM search may have come to an end. Media insiders are now confident that it will be former Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving.

Spencer Carbery to follow Rasmus Sandin to Washington

There has been talk all summer that multiple NHL teams were interested in Carbery as a head coach, giving him a step up to the next rung on the career ladder – the way most teams fill open positions.

Tuesday's FTB: Stars out to Knights

Leafs news (there is none) and chat. There is some NHL news, though.

The Reason for the Season is the Roster

The new Leafs GM is going to be confronted with a big job as soon as they take over. The major remaking of the team was inked into the Leafs' calendar by Kyle Dubas, intentionally I think, to give him – or a new GM – the opportunity to really make the tired, old phrase "run it back" into a lie.

Monday's FTB: They call this month May for a reason

Worlds have ended with some happy Canadians, and for Latvia, happy isn't a strong enough word. The Memorial Cup is moving along too quickly, and soon the hockey will be over again.

Weekend FTB: When will the tension break?

We remain in wait and see mode as the dust settles from the breakdown in the Leafs front office from a week ago.

Memorial Cup GDT: Minten and Blazers vs Remparts

Kamloops Blazers (Host) vs Quebec Remparts (QMJHL) Puck Drop: 9:00 pm EDT Arena: Sandman Centre, Kamloops, BC How To

FTB: back to the future with new penalty kill rules

Joe Pavelski saved the Dallas Stars for one more night, scoring the overtime winner in Game 4 against the Vegas Golden Knights.

NHLPA investigating Kyle Dubas and his agent

The main issue surrounds a conflict that has plagued hockey for years, and has never had a satisfying solution provided by anyone.

Beyond Treliving - GM candidates the Leafs may consider

Several potential GM candidates have been mentioned in passing, and unlike with Brad Treliving, who the Leafs are definitely interested in, the rest are speculative. A lot of weight got put on Brendan Shanahan's original remarks about "experience", but things can change.
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