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Connor Dewar signed

No arbitration needed.

2024 T25U25 - New Faces

10 new players have been added this year.

Monday FTB: T25 is coming soon

Finally something to fight about.

Friday's FTB: This week is almost over

Blue skies instead of rain, please.

Top 25 Under 25 History - Part II

History that feels less ancient.

Top 25 Under 25 History - Part I

The past is another country.

Monday FTB: So how about those... anything, really?

There's a reason we do the T25 in the summer.

Weekend FTB: What to do?

Three months to hockey season.

Maple Leafs Salary Cap on July 10, 2024

Where things are at this moment in time.

Where are the holes in the Maple Leafs roster?

And how soon do they need to be filled.

Short Leafs

That's what this is, the list of all Maple Leafs players drafted while short.

July 2 FTB: New Leafs Signed

No, I don't actually know what day it is, I haven't since sometime last week.

Maple Leafs re-sign Matt Murray

He's the emergency insurance and a recovery project both.

Maple Leafs sign Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Not official, but sounds like it's done.

Maple Leafs issue Qualifying Offers

You have to click to see the names (because there's too many for the headline).

Leafs about to sign Chris Tanev

But for what kind of contract?

Draft Day 2 Recap: Leafs Picks

Check out the new prospects.
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