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News analysis and reporting from the pressbox of the Toronto Marlies, the AHL affiliate of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Marlies have it all on the line today

The Marlies and Senators play this afternoon and one team will be eliminated.

The Marlies have a lot on the line this weekend

The Marlies end the regular season this weekend with a playoff spot already clinched, but where they actually wind up in the standings depends on winning or losing their final two games.

Marlies clinch spot in Calder Cup Playoffs

Matt Murray makes the big save in a shootout to secure a spot for the Marlies in the Calder Cup Playoffs.

Here's where the Marlies stand with one month left on the schedule

The Marlies playoff picture will be come more clear after three games in three days this weekend.

Marlies go back to school Wednesday after failing to win on the weekend

The Marlies need good marks on their pop-quiz today to stay in contention for the Calder Cup Playoffs.

Marlies have one big win and one big blowup against the Rocket

The Marlies and Rocket traded dominance on their Friday and Saturday games.

Dennis Hildeby and Alex Steeves at the AHL All-Star Classic

Dennis Hildeby and Alex Steeves just made it to the AHL All-Star Classic with only a few minutes to spare.

Saturday's FTB: Marlies clobber the Senators 8-0

If you're going to snap a losing streak, you should do it with a bang. Ryan Tverberg and Dennis Hildeby did just that.

"It's getting a little ridiculous now": Marlies coach sounds off on team's play after another loss

Marlies Coach John Gruden: "When they go off script and play it their way, obviously it's not working."

Thursday's FTB: The Marlies dunk on the Bruins again

It's always fun to beat the Bruins!

Wednesday's FTB: Marlies snap losing streak

The schedule oddities continue for the Maple Leafs with no game again today, you'll have to wait one more day until they travel to Ottawa to play the Senators.

Marlies update: two points with no wins, and Rich Clune returns

The Marlies picked up two points on the weekend without winning a game. They also made a big announcement today about their coaching staff.

The Marlies split their weekend series against the Moose

The Manitoba Moose welcomed the Marlies back to Toronto for two games.

FTB: The Toronto Marlies had a great road trip

The Maple Leafs are heading to Sweden while the Marlies are returning from an epic road trip.

Marlies split weekend games against the Checkers

Like last weekend, the Marlies lost on Saturday and then won on Sunday, but this time they were playing against the same team, the Charlotte Checkers.

FTB: Toronto Marlies turn it around with convincing win

The Marlies turn it around while the Leafs await Connor Bedard.

Marlies drop their first game of the season to the Rochester Americans 5-4 in OT

Despite coming out strong with a 4-1 lead at the end of the second period, the Marlies wound up losing the game in overtime.

Marlies Training Camp Roster

The roster is NHLers, AHLers and some players on PTOs from the Growlers. There are no roster limits in the AHL, but quite a few of these players will go to Newfoundland to start the season.

Toronto Marlies release next season's schedule

The Toronto Marlies, along with the entirety of the AHL, have released their 2023-24 schedule, including opening weekend on October 14th and 15th.

Marlies sign 5 players

All of these players were either on AHL or ECHL deals last year with the Marlies or the Newfoundland Growlers.

Toronto Marlies have a new coach

John Gruden is coming off five years as an NHL assistant coach.

Toronto Marlies part ways with coaching staff

"The Toronto Marlies announced today that the club will not renew the contracts of head coach Greg Moore and assistant coaches A.J. MacLean and John Snowden." News: The Toronto Marlies announced today changes to the coaching staff. — Toronto Marlies (@TorontoMarlies) May 19, 2023 A.J. MacLean, son

Marlies in a must win scenario for Division Final series tonight

Will Joseph Woll return and save the Marlies from elimination by the Rochester Americans?

The Marlies will face the Rochester Americans in the North Division final

The Marlies will face down the Buffalo Sabres affiliates in the AHL North Division Final with the first game on Thursday night.

Marlies defeat Comets in Game #1 with a come from behind OT victory

A come from behind 6-5 OT victory on Thursday night put the Marlies up 1-0 in their best-of-five series against the Utica Comets.
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