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Species writes FTBs, covers the Toronto Marlies, and has things to say about hockey media when he's not lazy. He is renowned for his pasta casseroles and capacious basement resort for hockey players.

PPP After Dark: Saturday night Stanley Cup game #1

It's the Stanley Cup Final, Game #1. Talk about this, or talk about something else! It's a quiet weekend with a hockey game so let's enjoy one of these teams losing together.

FTB: Reports that Brad Treliving will be next Leafs GM

The Leafs GM search may have come to an end. Media insiders are now confident that it will be former Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving.

Weekend FTB: When will the tension break?

We remain in wait and see mode as the dust settles from the breakdown in the Leafs front office from a week ago.

FTB: A very different Maple Leafs waiting game

We were waiting to see what Dubas would do next. Now we wait to see who will be the next Dubas.

PPP Roundtable: Did Shanahan Make the Right Choice?

Two versions of Brendan Shanahan exist. V1 was ready to extend Kyle Dubas as GM of the Leafs. V2 decided on Thursday, shortly after Dubas's agent submitted a new contract offer, that he was firing that guy.

Marlies in a must win scenario for Division Final series tonight

Will Joseph Woll return and save the Marlies from elimination by the Rochester Americans?

FTB: Voters are prickly

The Maple Leafs are in silent running this week, but the Coyotes sure aren't.

PPPostseason Roundtable

We ask the big questions and give our best answers before we have any idea of what to base them on. As is tradition.

FTB: Locker Clean Out

It's locker clean out day for the Toronto Maple Leafs, or more accurately "end-of-season media availability day."

FTB: What's next?

It's over for the Maple Leafs, and perhaps for the team in any way close to what it resembles as of today. Let's all decompress together here.

FTB: The waiting game sucks

Of all the points in time for a two day break in the playoff schedule, it winds up being now.

The Marlies will face the Rochester Americans in the North Division final

The Marlies will face down the Buffalo Sabres affiliates in the AHL North Division Final with the first game on Thursday night.

PPP After Dark: The Marlies are playing to win and a catch-up on today's news

Cheer on the Marlies, laugh at the Canes and Devils, and commiserate here about why we can't have Knies things.

FTB: Back to Florida, but it's no Spring Break for the Maple Leafs

This was not the game #2 you were looking for.

GDT: Round two of round two

Join us to chat about the Maple Leafs second game of round two here.

FTB: The sun did not come out this morning, but that's OK

The Leafs kicked off their series against the Florida Panthers last night with a 4-2 loss. It wasn't a great outing, but the team didn't look terrible like they did in their first game against the Lightning, so I don't have that sense of dread this morning like I did back for the previous game #1.

Marlies defeat Comets in Game #1 with a come from behind OT victory

A come from behind 6-5 OT victory on Thursday night put the Marlies up 1-0 in their best-of-five series against the Utica Comets.

PPP After Dark: One more night off

'Twas the night before game five...

PPP After Dark: Feeling comfortable enough to laugh at other teams

The Leafs are in a great spot and have two days off, but the other teams are playing and I'm comfortable enough to spend tonight relaxing and enjoying the games. So let's chat about them here.

Monday's FTB: One last day at the beach

We hope it's the last time the Leafs play in Tampa. The game is at 7:30 pm tonight, so don't worry if you have a late start on you Monday.

GDT: Now do that again

The Maple Leafs clobbered the Lightning on Thursday, can they do it again?

PPP After Dark Playoffs Day #3: because at least we can laugh at other teams losing too

Put last night out of your mind and enjoy the opportunity to laugh at other teams losing, because four other teams will lose tonight.

FTB: Well last night happened...

The Maple Leafs came out of the gate and fell flat on their faces last night.

GDT: This is not the game you've been waiting for all season

It's finally here. Leafs vs. Lightning Game #1.

PPP After Dark: Playoffs Day #1

Hello to everyone and welcome to day #1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Leafs aren't playing tonight, but other teams are, in fact, eight other teams are up to play.
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