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Species writes FTBs, covers the Toronto Marlies, and has things to say about hockey media when he's not lazy. He is renowned for his pasta casseroles and capacious basement resort for hockey players.

Thursday's FTB: Save the date

There's more than one schedule to review.

Wednesday's FTB: Leafs prospects go to camp

It's the fun kind of camp, not the one with bugs.

Sunday FTB: A New Hope

The Leafs have a whole new crop of prospects, oh and apparently Chris Tanev too.

2024 Draft: Leafs select Nathan Mayes with pick 225

It's literally the final pick in the whole draft. You can all tune out now.

FTB: The offseason is here! Now the work begins

It's going to be a busy week for the NHL

PPP After Dark: It's finally going to be over edition

This is it. Someone wins it all tonight.

Wednesday's FTB: The road to the offseason is long

No water bottles were harmed in the making of this FTB.

Friday's FTB: The end is near

The offseason may begin on Sunday morning.

Monday's FTB: Dig up, Oilers

That's how to get out of your oil well.

PPP After Dark: Cowboy edition

At least one trophy will be won tonight, and perhaps two, but I hope only one.

Thursday's FTB: One cup won

Two more cups to go.

Weekend FTB: There's a lot of hockey to watch

There's a surprisingly large amount of hockey games to watch this weekend.

PPP After Dark: Fireworks edition

One team will win the series tonight, but the rest of us will lose.

PPP After Dark: pre-long weekend edition

It's so close to the long-weekend, but so far away. Chat about the games or whatever in here.

PPP After Dark: The game nears an end edition

It's an elimination night for the Bruins.

PPP After Dark: Sunday night chat

End the weekend on a fun note in here.

Weekend FTB: One win to go

The PWHL Toronto team flattened Minnesota last night to take a 2-0 lead in the series.

FTB: The Leafs players have spoken and the PWHL players have chosen

The players and Keefe have said their parting words, but they're not who we are waiting to speak.

PPP After Dark: Calm before the storm edition

Game #7 is tomorrow, so don't worry about it tonight!

Tuesday's FTB: I don't believe in the no-win scenario

Just change the conditions of the test!

Marlies have it all on the line today

The Marlies and Senators play this afternoon and one team will be eliminated.

PPP After Dark: Marlies and more edition

The Marlies have to win to get in.
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