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From the Branches or FTB as it's known, is the daily links and chat post for Pension Plan Puppets.

FTB: The games-ish have begun

Your place to chat about the Leafs upcoming season for Monday, Septeber 25th

Sunday's FTB: Maple Leafs hockey this afternoon

It's here! Pre-season hockey begins today for the Maple Leafs with a Sunday matinee game in Ottawa against the Senators.

Saturday FTB: Preseason is almost here, I swear

It's that time of the year again... Almost.

Friday FTB: We're Back!

Summer is nearly over, but don’t fear — Leafs hockey is almost back! Yesterday was the first day of training camp, and though it was relatively uneventful, we did get some pictures and video of the new guys in Leafs’ gear.

Thursday's FTB: Leafs hit the ice

The season is really starting. Summer is really over.

Wednesday FTB: Martin Jones has a new mask, do you like it?

Potential Leafs backup goalie (I think odds-on favourite), Martin Jones, unveiled his historical Maple Leafs mask yesterday. He included the "easily identifiable iconic looks of Ed Belfour, Curtis Joseph, Felix Potvin, Doug Favell, Mike Palmateer, Wayne Thomas and Michel “Bunny” Laroque, as well as the old school white fiberglass masks

FTB: A draft occured, a camp begins

Chat about the draft from yesterday, the camp for tomorrow, and whatever today is.

Monday's FTB: Happy Birthday, Auston

Auston is old, Babcock is out, the prospects are done, and the draft is today.

Weekend FTB: Soon

We've had the kids go back to school, now the Leafs are going back to work.

Friday's FTB: More Traverse City

If 12 minutes of hockey from Traverse City wasn't enough for you, there's another game today.

Thursday FTB: Matthew Knies childhood idol just retired

Baby Leafs go to Traverse City.

FTB: Only one more sleep until Leafs-ish hockey!

Something resembling Leafs hockey is better than no hockey, right?

FTB: An honour for Amirov

Your spot to chat about hockey, the Maple Leafs, kittens, cargo shorts, and the appropriate temperature for an outdoor swimming pool.

Monday's FTB: September

Happy Birthday, Nick!

FTB: One of the last quiet weekends

It's the final hockey-less weekend around here, so enjoy it, hate it, talk about it.

Friday FTB: and the top Under 25 is...

Catching up on the T25, the PWHL, and some Leafs prospects.

<edit day> FTB: Always check your drafts before publishing

Here is your hockey news for Thursday.

Wednesday FTB: we want hockey, not heatwaves

We start with the PWHL, where it's being reported that the Toronto team have signed Sarah Nurse, Blayre Turnbull, and Renata Fast to be their first three players. The next question is, who will be the goalie?

FTB: Finally. Summer is over.

Talk to us about why fall is better than summer.

FTB: Hockey is lurking around the corner

Happy Labour Day, everyone.

Weekend FTB: Summer Sandwiched by Silly Seasons

Summer is over! Sorry. But that means hockey is back! And we get to kick off this season with hopefully the silliest of Septembers in the PWHL. The six GMs of the league have been announced, and they're allowed to get to work sorting their rosters, starting with a free

FTB: Buffalo doesn't want us & PWHL events are happening today

Let's badmouth the Sabres and celebrate the PWHL!

Thursday's FTB: If only summer got an extension too

Nothing to shake up the last week of summer holidays like a contract extension.

FTB: More Toronto Hockey and Fewer Gambling Ads!

Yesterday, the PWHL had a press conference in which they announced the details of their inaugural season, with a draft to be held September 18th and games starting in January — and that means more Toronto hockey!!

FTB: The PWHL is taking shape

Your spot to chat about the Maple Leafs, the new women's league, and what your favourite flavour of Kit-Kat Bar is.
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