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From the Branches or FTB as it's known, is the daily links and chat post for Pension Plan Puppets.

Monday FTB: 'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to start sharing profiles and information about the 2023 NHL draft, especially when it concerns the Toronto Maple Leafs.

FTB: Why are you so mad?

The 2023 Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight and a certain demographic of Canadians are furious at the final two teams. Why?

Friday FTB: what is Treliving's first move?

The Brad Treliving era in Toronto has officially begun. In the press conference yesterday the new GM confirmed there are several top priorities he has to make decisions on, especially since the busiest month of the year has already started. Watch Brad Treliving LiveThe first media availability of the Maple

Thursday FTB: Six things we know about Brad Treliving

Yesterday, Brad Treliving was officially named the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Maple Leafs officially name Brad Treliving as General ManagerThe Toronto Maple Leafs have announced that they have hired Brad Treliving to be the team’s 18th general manager. Brad Treliving has been named the club’s

FTB: Reports that Brad Treliving will be next Leafs GM

The Leafs GM search may have come to an end. Media insiders are now confident that it will be former Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving.

Tuesday's FTB: Stars out to Knights

Leafs news (there is none) and chat. There is some NHL news, though.

Monday's FTB: They call this month May for a reason

Worlds have ended with some happy Canadians, and for Latvia, happy isn't a strong enough word. The Memorial Cup is moving along too quickly, and soon the hockey will be over again.

Weekend FTB: When will the tension break?

We remain in wait and see mode as the dust settles from the breakdown in the Leafs front office from a week ago.

FTB: back to the future with new penalty kill rules

Joe Pavelski saved the Dallas Stars for one more night, scoring the overtime winner in Game 4 against the Vegas Golden Knights.

FTB: Florida completes speedrun of East

The Florida Panthers have swept the Carolina Hurricanes in four games to win the Eastern Conference side of the bracket and will be going to the Final.

FTB: Wednesday is an off day

Just in general, Wednesday is a very off day, but it is also a day off at the World Championships.

FTB: A very different Maple Leafs waiting game

We were waiting to see what Dubas would do next. Now we wait to see who will be the next Dubas.

FTB: Holiday Weekend Chat

Holiday weekend chat and doomsayers club.

FTB: Kyle Dubas out - the facts

Alright, now that Brendan Shanahan has brought the Leafs back to drama, let's talk about it. Kyle Dubas is out as the Maple Leafs GM.

FTB: how many overtimes?

The first game in the Eastern Conference Final started at 8pm, and by 2am the next day I don't know who won. Sunbelt Hockey pretended it was in the pacific time zone as the Hurricanes and Panthers reached deep into quadruple overtime in a 2-2 game to open their series

FTB: Marlies swept in second round, too

Joseph Woll gave up seven goals in his first game back with the Marlies as the AHL squad tried to stave off elimination against the Rochester Americans. They ended up losing 8-4.

FTB: Voters are prickly

The Maple Leafs are in silent running this week, but the Coyotes sure aren't.

FTB: Change is coming...

The Toronto Maple Leafs Future isn't clear. Questions surround the team. Who will lead them into next season? Chat and wonder with us.

FTB: Locker Clean Out

It's locker clean out day for the Toronto Maple Leafs, or more accurately "end-of-season media availability day."

FTB: and the playoffs march onwards....

The Maple Leafs are done but PPP never is. Your daily dose of links and chat to get you through May 14th.

FTB: What's next?

It's over for the Maple Leafs, and perhaps for the team in any way close to what it resembles as of today. Let's all decompress together here.

FTB: Ryan Reynolds out of Ottawa

Ottawa Senators sale news, Marlies lose, suspensions, and plenty more to talk about ahead of the Leafs game tonight.

Leafs FTB: We got one!

The Toronto Maple Leafs are heading home with more playoffs to play after staving off elimination in Florida last night thanks to their 2-1 win. William Nylander and Mitch Marner silenced the critics by scoring the two goals for the Leafs. Joseph Woll won his first career playoff start and

FTB: Woll to start, Rielly gets nominated

Morgan Rielly is nominated for an award, Joseph Woll starts tonight, and more Leafs and NHL news to chat about before the game.

FTB: The waiting game sucks

Of all the points in time for a two day break in the playoff schedule, it winds up being now.
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