Over the weekend the NBA saw a six (6!) team trade that had a little bit of everything:

  1. Star player traded
  2. SIX TEAMS, I repeat
  3. Cash transferred to multiple teams
  4. Five players involved
  5. Six different second round picks with conditions
  6. Draft picks all the way in 2031 being swapped

Can anyone come up with their version of this in the NHL? I believe both Matt Murrays and Sebastian Ahos would need to be involved, along with a 2035 OHL draft pick, somehow.

The Leafs ran a scrimmage on Sunday between their prospects and invitees. Blog All-Star Brian has a recap of this coming out this morning.

Wick shared some thoughts on camp invitees, as well as on the prospects that stood out to her.


Curtis Douglas is re-signing in Utah to lay for Tucson.

No club elected arbitration players, meaning Dewar is the only one on the Leafs. According to CF, Steeves also was eligible for arb but neither side elected for it.

Enemies on the ice, friends for charity! Emma Maltais, Sarah Nurse, Liz Knox, Jocelyne Larocque, and Renata Fast were all out for Laura Stacey's charity tournament in Toronto.

This is a fun article to translate about the Sedin twins at Canucks dev camp.

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