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Help and explanations for using PPP Leafs as a member or subscriber.

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All cats are black in the dark.


Got a problem? Confused by this site? Check here first before you try to contact us. If you really need to get in touch, though, use this contact button: Contact via Email I can't see the comments 💡Important information about usernames: It has just been discovered that any

Block Feature in comments

This is an emergency post to inform you all about how blocking in comments works. First, my apologies, I did not test this first and I made some assumptions about the feature. The Block feature is relatively new in Hyvor comments and it was poorly thought out. I believe once

Bug Reports

UPDATE: There are limited reports of the comments not loading after the URL change. If this is a new thing for you – as in you could see them before – try clearing your browser cache: If the problem persists, use the contact form and be

The Basics on Comments at PPP Leafs

On the main page, you will see comment counts for articles. On each article, you will find that comment count below the headline. It's a link to take you directly to the comments, which I have faith you won't use until you've read the post the first time.

Everything you need to know about subscribing to PPP Leafs

Updated for 2024: You'll find a Subscribe link floating around near the bottom of the page, and there's a "Sign Up" link in the Navigation menu at the bottom of every page. If you're not a member of the site, click a
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