This is an emergency post to inform you all about how blocking in comments works.

First, my apologies, I did not test this first and I made some assumptions about the feature.

The Block feature is relatively new in Hyvor comments and it was poorly thought out. I believe once the new version is out of beta it might get revisited, but in the interim, my advice is to pretend it's not there. Here's why:

They implemented a bi-directional block with no warning to users, and no way to enact a single-directional block. I like this comment system a lot, but this choice is inexplicable to me.

What this means is that when you block someone, you see "Blocked Comment" in place of their comments, instead of them just being not there. But they are blocked from reading your comments, and see a "Blocked Comment" thing instead.

Mea culpa on this one. Mea maxima culpa. I just didn't ever imagine that anyone would do that, and that's a failure of my imagination and my testing regimen.

I apologize profusely to anyone who has blocked someone and had that turn out not be a private thing. I'm sort of squirming in horror at this, if you can't tell.

Blocking is fine. It's okay. Your reasons for wanting it are fine, and no one should feel shame. This system doesn't prevent shame, and it is bad.

And now I'm putting this in every bloody post I can find:

The Block Feature in the comments is not private! It blocks both parties from seeing each other's comments and inserts a "Blocked Comment" message in the thread to advertise that to the blockee. We advise against using it.