The Toronto Marlies have another goalie to add to their collection, with Swedish prospect Denis Hildeby joining Joseph Woll, Erik Källgren, and Keith Petruzzelli on the AHL club. The Leafs have plenty of goaltending depth heading into the playoffs as all four goalies are on NHL contracts. Both Källgren and Woll have been passable in their NHL games, Petruzzelli wore a baseball cap for a bit, and Hildeby is coming off a season in the SHL as the backup in Färjestad with a .918 sv% in 21 games. The Leafs have high hopes for him as he nears his 22nd birthday.

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The other big prospect news from Thursday is Matthew Knies being one of the three finalists for the 2023 Hobey Baker for the NCAA's top men's hockey player. He's going up against teammate Logan Cooley and Adam Fantilli. Habs fans are very upset about this because one of their little defenders with a lot of points got "snubbed" according to them. It's too late, Habs fans, Victor Mete is ours now.

Mark Giordano got a 99% in Grade 9 Geography? Quick, name all the provincial capitals of Canada!

The Vancouver Canucks are showing the NHL how it's done with their Pride Night this season, specifically tonight against Calgary. They've reset the bar, now the Leafs will have to beat it when they celebrate their Pride Night on Sunday against Detroit and for the Marlies on Tuesday.

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The PHF Champions, Toronto Six, will be honoured by the Leafs on Sunday's Pride Night game against Detroit.

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