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How long to go from skating in Austria to playing in Toronto for William Nylander?

With Sportsnet reporting that William Nylander is skating with a team in Austria, a quick look at how long you need to go from the contract signing to the lineup.

6-1 Maple Leafs host the 2-3 Penguins

It’s time to make some Penguins sad.

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First win! Furies beat Shenzhen Rays 3-1

Allen, Nurse, Prévost score, Tiley makes 28 saves to give the Furies their first win of the year

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Thursday’s FTB: He looks better in blue

The Penguins will see the great hockey player they gave up for the great player they got in return.

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Kasimir Kaskisuo injured, but what of Frederik Andersen?

Eamon McAdam can’t be in two places at one time, so the Leafs may need to add a goalie somewhere.

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About those Zurich rumours: Nylander and Dubas to meet on neutral ground

William Nylander is actually in Switzerland.

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Maple Leafs Prospects

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Toronto Marlies

Welcome To PPP

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Wednesday’s FTB: Connor McDavid let the Oilers down

Such a selfish player

North American prospect report: Get Gordeev out of Flint

Use your power, Leafs. Make the Firebirds trade him.

Toronto Marlies fall 5-3 to Comets on Sunday

The Marlies took their fourth loss in a row Sunday, but they have faced adversity like this before.

Tuesday’s FTB: Babcock is all smiles

It’s a good day to be the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Maple Leafs Recap: Putting a Kap on the Kings, Kapanen and Matthews lead Leafs to 4-1 win

Gosh, this team is so much fun!

Game day thread: Andersen out, McAdam in

Will Sparks be able to handle the pressure of being #1?

Eamon McAdam recalled; Frederik Andersen injured

Frederik Andersen is day to day with a knee injury

Preview: The Kings face Garret Sparks as they try to rein in the Maple Leafs’ winning ways

Can Los Angeles do what the Stanley Cup Champions couldn’t?

Why is scoring up this year?

I see so many opinions about this, and very few numbers. I decided to try mixing the two.

So you want to trade Nylander for a defenseman...

People who want to trade Nylander say it will help the Leafs get a top defenseman back. Will it?

Monday’s FTB: Let’s talk about Morgan Rielly

Don Cherry is going to love this!

CWHL Recap: Thunder sweep, Furies get shut out

The Thunder put 50 shots on net and suddenly Noora Räty’s 26 save shutout seems less impressive.

Back to Excited Hockey Podcast: Episode 34 - Kappy Days

Featuring a lengthy rant regarding fans of other teams

European Report: Pontus Holmberg and Jesper Lindgren take centre stage

Vladislav Kara takes a step back, and the injured are still not ready to return.

Sunday FTB: The morning after the win before

Get caught up on all the Leafs doings as this road trip finally ends.

CWHL Recap: Two very different first games

There were six goals in each game. Sadly, this only worked out for one of our teams.

Game Recap: Leafs win again 4-2. Par for the course, really.

The Leafs only scored 4 goals, proving they need to sign Nylander as soon as possible

Recap: Marlies lose 7-4 to Utica Comets

Is it time to panic? Probably not.

GDT: The Leafs head to Washington to slay a dragon

The first really tough test for the Leafs is the cup-drunk Capitals.

Game Preview: Maple Leafs face the reigning Cup Champions tonight

The Leafs’ hot start to the season faces a big challenge: the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.

Saturday’s FTB: In praise of Auston Matthews’ sass

He’s not answering your dumb question again.

The five at a time process: Episode One

The days of shooting for six points in each five-game segment are gone. What’s the new goal?

To the rest of the NHL, we’re sorry

An apology to every NHL team from deep in our hearts.

2018-19 Toronto Furies preview: A new day dawns

With lots of additions this offseason, is Toronto playoff-bound?

[Friday’s FTB] Fun times in Motown

Wrap up the work week with some Leafs chat

Game Recap: Matthews and Rielly continue to set the world on fire, Leafs win 5-3

The Maple Leafs continue to score a million goals per game, and Toronto is now 4-1 as a result.

GDT: Maple Leafs vs Red Wings while Willy watch continues

The Leafs look to take their streaking offense into Detroit to face their not very good and very injured lineup.

Hockey Canada announces 4 Nations Cup roster

Both the Thunder and Furies will be well-represented in Saskatoon

Game Preview: From Red Wings to Dead Things

The Maple Leafs fly cross country for game three of the road trip.


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