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Updated with goalie injury news: Practice lines from Maple Leafs training camp

The final practice day before the first game of the preseason reveals some of the early decisions on the roster construction.

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The Maple Leafs and the preseason roster rules and regulations

The Leafs kick-off their preseason tomorrow with a gigantic roster of players.

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Is Colt Conrad the next Trevor Moore-in-waiting on the Marlies?

The Leafs signed Colt Conrad to an AHL deal after he finished his college career last season

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The Optimist/Pessimist Take On The 2019-20 Leafs

Our Leafs split personality looks at the upcoming season.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Preseason Schedule: Week 2

Strap in: the exhibition games start this week.

Maple Leafs make the first cuts from training camp

The juniors are gone, and the ECHL/AHL/NHL split is starting to take shape

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The Latest

Women's Hockey

Maple Leafs Prospects

Toronto Marlies

Mitch Marner And Mr. Nice Guy

Some thoughts on the big fat overpay the team gave out.

Who wins the Maple Leafs Minimum Salary Olympics?

Who’s making the Leafs? The player with the lowest cap hit or the best player?

Mitch Marner’s contract is set up for him to disappoint

Marner’s contract pays him for the fortune he received last year

Visualizing LTIR

Jump in the LTIR pool and swim around.

Sunday’s FTB: why we think Mitch Marner sucks

We don’t think he sucks.

Saturday’s FTB: Tweets that lit up Leafs fans this offseason

Marner can’t be the only thing that’s set off the fanbase over the summer.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Now Updated with Contract Details: Mitch Marner re-signs

The deal is done.

Report: progress in the Mitch Marner contact talks

Chris Johnston dropped the news this morning.

Game Review: Is NHL 20 fun to play?

I have half an hour to play, at night. I don’t care about shooting mechanics or other doo-dads

Is Marc-Antoine Pépin the next Mac Hollowell?

The Leafs are looking at another relatively unknown defenseman who went undrafted

Friday’s FTB: Maple Leafs take camp to the edge of the world

75 players will fight to make a name for themselves while they avoid kissing and fishes.

Kyle Dubas and Mike Babcock meet the press for the first time this preseason

One said, "Process." One said, "Let’s get to it."

Maple Leafs 2019 Training Camp Roster

There’s a lot of interesting players going to St. John’s.

Days of Our Leafs

You want a soap opera? Look no further.

Maple Leafs defender Teemu Kivihalme: snubbed in the T25U25

Just how wrong were we?

Thursday’s FTB: It is two minutes to midnight for Marner and the Leafs

The last chance to settle on a deal before actual disruption begins is today.

Blow away the smoke, and Mitch Marner’s choice is simple

This contract mess isn’t nearly as messy as we’ve been thinking.

WHW: An introduction to the SDHL

If you’re looking for elite level women’s hockey in a league format, head to Sweden.

Wednesday’s FTB: How Mitch Marner turned himself into a villain

It’s one thing to want your money, but this is different.

My 2019 Maple Leafs Prospect Pyramid

Splitting the organization into Pro and Junior prospects.

Questions about the Maple Leafs: Who’s going to be the back up?

The answer should be easy, but there’s always a twist.

Tuesday’s FTB: Leafs fans are getting into mid-season form

Leaked photos? Marner in Switzerland?

To Bridge or not to Bridge, that is the Mitch Marner question

Whether ‘tis nobler to make a compromise we all hate or to have another holdout that lasts even longer this time.

There will be many new faces on the Leafs and the Marlies this season

Get a handle on the depth chart, and get to know the new players.

Your Maple Leafs Preseason Schedule for the Week

What’s going on, when and where.

Sunday’s Traverse City Update

There may be other links, but I’m not sure there was any sports news yesterday.

Why did the Leafs pick Cody Ceci over Jake Gardiner?

If you liked all those clever schemes that meant they were going to magic away Ceci’s contract to sign Gardiner, you’re likely upset now.

How to Watch the Traverse City Prospects Tournament

Summer’s over. It’s time to buckle down and watch some hockey.

Maple Leafs Roster Changes for Traverse City

One out, one in.


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