PWHL & Women's Hockey
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PWHL Free Agency

Track the signings and the state of the teams

Tuesday FTB: PWHL Draft

Awards are tonight

PWHL Draft Watch Post

Watch here as we demand Toronto draft all the best players.

PWHL Draft Eligible Players

Draft Primer time. Also news on free agency and trades.
Toronto Marlies
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Marlies have it all on the line today

The Marlies and Senators play this afternoon and one team will be eliminated.

The Marlies have a lot on the line this weekend

The Marlies end the regular season this weekend with a playoff spot already clinched, but where they actually wind up in the standings depends on winning or losing their final two games.

Marlies clinch spot in Calder Cup Playoffs

Matt Murray makes the big save in a shootout to secure a spot for the Marlies in the Calder Cup Playoffs.

Here's where the Marlies stand with one month left on the schedule

The Marlies playoff picture will be come more clear after three games in three days this weekend.
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