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Words from a Black Blogger: A dark past with hope of a brighter future

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Wednesday’s FTB: A little lightning never hurt anyone

The sky was angry last night.

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Sports isn’t in a bubble: racism, police violence and protests impact everyone

Athletes in Canada and the United states speak the truth about racism and police brutality.

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NHL Entry Draft Lottery and Playoff Format Nearly Finalized

In a fitting tribute to our times, this year’s lottery is also only half baked to go along with the playoff format which still isn’t actually finalized.

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Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25

Maple Leafs Prospects

Toronto Marlies

Women's Hockey

NHL release details of their Phase 2 training rules

This covers the return of players to small-group workouts and the rules for use of the facilities, but does not come with a firm date.

NHL’s 24-team playoff format is only half-baked

Nothing is decided, and no one knows anything. Just remember that when someone says something that upsets you.

Tuesday FTB: How will we know when there’s real change

Now is the time to speak out against racism

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Monday’s FTB: Four expiring draftees the Leafs/Marlies should sign

Signing rights expire for some prospects today at 5pm.

Weekend FTB: The NHL’s return to play plan might just save the CHL

Or maybe the author couldn’t think of something else to write about

Friday’s FTB: Giving John Tavares something to stare at

And its name is Stanley.

Thursday’s FTB: Nick Robertson could make his Leafs debut as two prospects are released

Nick Robertson is back and ready to train, while another prospect may be cut loose.

Wednesday’s FTB: Yes, the Leafs could still win the NHL Draft Lottery

You won’t like how that would happen.

Tuesday FTB: Future seasons

Tired of short term speculation? Let’s try some long term speculation instead!

FTB: My Leafs Season Rankings

Responding to a fanpost grading the top Leafs of the 2019-20 season.

FTB: 24 NHL teams with nowhere to play

After the important vote by the players, hockey is still weeks away from resuming.

Friday’s FTB: What the Leafs playoff path might look like

Starting with Columbus, who else are the Leafs going to play?

Thursday FTB: Nick Robertson wants to play for the Leafs in the playoffs

With the OHL and AHL seasons cancelled, who will the Leafs bring with them for their taxi squad?

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Prospect dragons: Contextualizing NHL draft pick values

I’m tired of not understanding draft pick value so I wrote this.

Revisiting a contrarian take on the Kadri-Barrie trade

Today’s Retro May post is a fresh look back at the Kadri trade.

Wednesdays FTB: Drawing a blank

Sorry gang, I got nothing.

Useful sites that make writing and thinking about hockey possible

Time to give credit to the people who maintain the information we use every day.

Tuesday FTB: Hub cities, question mark?

No seriously, do you know? Does anyone? Is everyone at TSN just bored and getting us all worked up for their own entertainment?

2 Hubs are Better Than 4

Or so it now seems to the NHL.

Victoria Day FTB: All hail the queen

Please take the poll on what sort of Retro May posts you most want to see.

Weekend FTB: What will the Leafs’ strategy be at the draft?

Trade down? Trade players? Why not both!

Do you want more Adam Brooks? How about 2 years’ worth

Brooks re-signs.

What If: Cody Franson had re-signed

We’ve long been resigned to him leaving as a UFA, but what if he’d stayed?

Let’s Explore Dumb And Weird Hockey Ideas

Sumo goalies, GMs marrying players, red cards, and more!

Toronto Marlies Taxi Squad Predictions

Who can still help the Leafs this season?

Toronto Marlies: what we lost with the season cancelled

It’s an unfortunate lost opportunity to see more of what the Leafs have on their prospect shelf.


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