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Looking back at our pre-season predictions

Only one person got the Cup winner correct.

Raptors take an epic Game 6 over Warriors to clinch first NBA title, 114-110

In a game for the ages at Oracle Arena, the Raptors had the last rock to throw. They’re NBA champions for the first time.

Friday’s FTB: Raptors win the title, Toronto generally well behaved

The Raptors won, but the PPP offices didn’t make it out unscathed.

Kyle Dubas has 19 days to makeover the Maple Leafs

Now that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are over and we can get on with forgetting this offseason, Kyle Dubas can get to work.

Thursday’s FTB: Tyler Bozak is a Stanley Cup Champion

Activate Schadenfreude!

Maple Leafs announce John Snowden re-signed for 2 more years

The Growlers are keeping their coach.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Stanley Cup Final should be one damn game

I dare to mess with tradition and change the Stanley Cup Final in to one exciting, suspenseful, all or nothing hockey game.

SBNation 2019 NHL Mock Draft: Picks 27 - 29

It’s time for the rest of the disappointed playoff teams to pick. Wait, what’s Anaheim doing in here?

Wednesday’s FTB: Go Blues!

Bruins? Blues? One of them will win and then the trades can begin.

SBNation 2019 NHL Mock Draft: Picks 24 - 26

There’s another trade to report as well as three more players off the board as we near the finish.

Tuesday FTB: I guess I have to write about hockey now

Stupid Raps not winning the title so I could just write about them.

Raptors prepare for Game 5 vs. the Warriors for the title: Preview, start time, and more

The Raptors are on the brink of making history as they attempt to close out the series and bring Toronto their first title in franchise history.

The NHL rules are broken and it’s ruining hockey

It isn’t the refs fault for the NHL’s series of incompetent screw ups

Monday's FTB: Game five tonight, game seven Wednesday

The Raptors are ready to win the title while the Blues blew it.

SBNation 2019 NHL Mock Draft: Picks 19 - 23

Why is pick number 22 ringing a bell?

Weekend FTB: Imagine Bozak Lifting the Cup

Some ex-Toronto Maple Leafs could help the Blues finish off the Bruins Sunday and win their first ever Stanley Cup.

Friday’s FTB: Go Raps

Are we a hockey blog? Eh, maybe later.

Buy me Dougie Hamilton or go to hell

Shut the hell up about asset management and cap space and make this team better.

SBNation 2019 NHL Mock Draft: Picks 17 & 18

It’s rare for a DEL player to even be drafted, but this year one is likely going to go in the first round. Our mock draft took him in today’s picks.

Thursday’s FTB: Is someone on the move?

If there’s smoke, there’s fire, right?

WHW: NWHL creeps forward, SDHL makes a splash

Let’s all move to Sweden.

SBNation 2019 NHL Mock Draft: Two picks and a trade

The first trade of the mock draft sees the New York Rangers gain a pick.

FTB: Sean Avery is pranking us and we're all falling for it

The former pest set Leafs social media on fire late last night.

Pierre LeBrun on potential Leafs trades with Carolina

A full transcript of his very short comments on Vancouver radio yesterday.

Marlies sign WHLer Riley Woods to AHL contract

The Marlies sign a small centre with lots of connections to the Leafs organization.

SBNation 2019 NHL Mock Draft: Picks 13 & 14

It’s Swedish defender day in the mock draft.

Tuesday’s FTB: Kadri, Marleau, and Growlers in 6ix!

The ECHL B’ys could win the (replica) Kelly Cup tonight!

Shut up about offer sheeting Mitch Marner. It’s not going to happen

Everyone needs to knock it off.

Patrick Marleau wants to go home

Now it’s not a clever scheme the Leafs need to clear that cap space, it’s just a clever trade.


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