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Toronto Marlies ranked in the Top 25 Under 25: Where are they now?

Progress reports!

Miscellaneous Leaf Thoughts: Trades And OHL Stars

Also Nylander. Will we ever be able to not talk about Nylander? I doubt it.

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Revisiting the 2019 Development Camp Invites for Future Potential Gems

Who among the last development camp will the Leafs turn into the next Justin Holl or Trevor Moore?

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How does Auston Matthews score so much: It’s all in the timing

Watch how Matthews gets himself in the right place at the right time for good things to happen.

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FTB: Midweek misadventures

There may not be any Leafs games, but there’s plenty of drama to go around

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Looking back at the Top 25 Under 25

We slap on the hindsight goggles and crow about how right we were about everything.

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The Latest

Back to Excited Episode 89 - Goalie Troubles

Where art thou, Freddie?

Maple Leafs send Adam Brooks and Timothy Liljegren back to the Marlies

The news is in who isn’t on the list.

Maple Leafs game recap: Cancel the bye week. No one deserves a vacation

The Leafs lost.

Maple Leafs Prospects

Toronto Marlies

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Women's Hockey

Tuesday’s FTB: Break out of those bye week blues

The Maple Leafs are having fun right now, so you should be too.

Monday FTB: Defense or backup or quadruple down on offense?

What do you want the Leafs to do to improve the team?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

FTB: Good-bye to hockey

The Leafs might not deserve this vacation but I do

GDT for Chicago vs Leafs: Two Nylanders enter, but only one leaves victorious

Is there anything more divisive than a brother on brother battle on the ice?

Game Preview: Maple Leafs vs. Blackhawks

Once more unto the breach, before hitting the beach.

Saturday’s FTB: Enjoy Leafs hockey while you can

The Leafs play tonight and then have a full week off, combining their annual bye week with the All-Star Game break.

Maple Leafs send Trevor Moore to the Marlies on a conditioning loan

I’m going to keep explaining how this works until everyone stops acting like it’s a cap circumvention loophole.

Friday’s FTB: Why it’s easier to like William Nylander this year

If a Swede scores in a forest and no one is there to see it, did it really happen?

Flames Beat Maple Leafs in Shootout, 2-1

Not the fun kind of shootout

Dion Phaneuf has been hanging out with Brendan Shanahan

Phaneuf is not all the way retired, but he’s already looking to his future.

GDT: Leafs vs Flames

42 is the answer

Leafs vs Flames preview: Watch out for weasels

The Maple Leafs come off a big win over the Devils and now face a real challenge.

Getting to know the top prospects for the 2020 NHL Draft

There are 40 kids suiting up in tonight’s showcase event, but who are they really?

Thursday’s FTB: Trial by fire

The Maple Leafs have a visit from the Calgary Flames tonight.

Wednesday FTB: Leafs slump ‘till the Sandman he comes

Sandin shines, and some Leafs rumours come out

Rasmus Sandin makes some noise in a 7-4 win over Blake Coleman

We’re keeping him.

GDT: Leafs vs. Devils

The Leafs have to show what else they’ve got with Morgan Rielly now on injured reserve.

Leafs vs. Devils Preview: Sandin!

Our star prospect is back in the NHL, hoping to steady a damaged defence group.

Maple Leafs call up Timothy Liljegren

Two great Swedes who go great together are now on the Leafs.

Salary Cap Loopholes and Well-Timed Injuries: Can the Leafs pull off the Chicago Gambit?

Is there a clever LTIR scheme to replace Morgan Rielly that will let the Leafs have their cake and eat it too?

Marlies Recap: Egor Korshkov still injured, misses boat show road trip

Joseph Woll nearly gets a shutout and wishing Rob Davison a speedy recovery.

Tuesday’s FTB: Sandin, but at what cost?

We may never be fully healthy again

Morgan Rielly busts his foot blocking a shot

How’s that go again? Repeating the same steps, expecting a different result? Right, hockey tactics, that’s what that is.

Maple Leafs recall Rasmus Sandin

Now if they want to remember they have Timothy Liljegren, I won’t complain.

LTIR, the NHL Trade Deadline and You

Now the LTIR chickens come home to roost and ruin all the fun of fantasy trading.


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