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Coverage of Maple Leafs prospects and NHL draft prospects in general.

2024 T25U25 - New Faces

10 new players have been added this year.

Early Thoughts on Toronto's 2024 Draft Picks

The draft and development camp is in the rear view mirror now, and I've finally finished writing profiles for all of Toronto's picks. I have some miscellaneous thoughts based around the draft that I want to share before moving on to the next season.

Getting to Know Victor Johansson

Toronto's fourth round pick was one of the biggest mystery picks in the 2024 draft, given how few people knew anything about him and how there were no scouting reports from any outlet. I looked into him as much as I could

Getting to Know Sam McCue

Looking at one of Toronto's newest forward prospects, Sam McCue. He was drafted in the 7th round and will be a particular kind of player, but can he make the NHL?

Standouts from Toronto's 2024 development camp

With the 2024 summer development camp for Toronto's prospects and free agent invites done, I look back at the exhibition game and the news, press conferences and interviews from last week to talk about who stood out the most.

Getting to Know Matthew Lahey

Lahey is a hulking 6'5" defenseman who gets strong reviews for his defensive play and mobility. Let's look at his highlights and scouting reports to see if we can get an idea for how well he projects to the NHL.

Getting to Know Nathan Mayes

Looking at the highlights, scouting reports, and game video of Toronto's latest hulking defensemen drafted out of Spokane in the 7th round of the 2024 NHL draft.

Getting to Know Timofei Obvintsev

Toronto's newest goalie prospect seemingly follows a new tradition for drafting relatively obscure, re-entry netminders out of Russia. Seems to have worked out just fine with Akhtyamov, but have they caught lightning in a bottle twice?

Scouting Reports on Toronto's 2024 Development Camp Roster

Toronto invited 22 prospects to their July 2024 development camp who are free agents. I'm looking at them all to see who could be interesting as potential future signing or draft targets.

Getting to Know Miroslav Holinka

Taking a look at the scouting reports and highlights of Toronto's fifth round pick out of Czechia, 6'1" center with great hands and a good shot: Miroslav Holinka. He may have struggled to make it in the Czech pro league this year, but we may be seeing him up and close sooner rather than later.

Maple Leafs release their Development Camp roster

Toronto has released the full roster of their own prospects and 22 undrafted, unsigned free agent prospects attending their camp from July 3rd-7th.

Getting to Know Alexander Plesovskikh

Toronto's 5th round pick out of Russia was one of many late-rounders they picked that scratched a lot of heads, since not many people had ever heard of him much less seen him. Well, now I've watched 6 of his games and I'm sharing what I saw and what scouting reports I've found.

Draft Day 2 Recap: Leafs Picks

Check out the new prospects.

2024 Draft: Leafs select Nathan Mayes with pick 225

It's literally the final pick in the whole draft. You can all tune out now.

2024 Draft: Leafs select Sam McCue with pick 216

With the 216th overall in the seventh round of the 2024 draft, the Maple Leafs selected Sam McCue from Owen Sound in the OHL. He is the younger brother of Easton Cowan's teammate in London, Max McCue. Younger McCue is a late 2005 birthday, with a above average

2024 Draft: Leafs select Matt Lahey with pick 200

This is the pick that travelled to Toronto with Matt Murray

2024 Draft: Leafs select Alexander Plesovskikh with pick 152

With the 152nd overall in the fifth round of the 2024 draft, the Maple Leafs selected Alexander Plesovskikh.

2024 Draft: Leafs select Miroslav Holinka with pick 151

In the 2024 Entry Draft, the Maple Leafs selected Miroslav Holinka. Holinka is a Czech forward who shoots right. He is listed on Elite Prospects at 6'1" and 183lbs. Elite Prospects has an entry on Holinka in this year's draft guide. They don't

Getting to Know Ben Danford

Looking at the scouting reports, highlights, and mechanics for the Toronto Maple Leafs' newest top prospect, the right handed defenseman Ben Danford from the Oshawa Generals.

2024 Draft: Leafs select Ben Danford with pick 31

Leafs take their man, just not the man we expected. Once again.

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: Easton Cowan's Season to Remember

Looking back at Easton Cowan's remarkable season, how he proved many of his doubters wrong, and how he's set himself up to be a potential NHLer next year.

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: Easton Cowan is a monster

Easton Cowan is a monster underneath the OHL's bed, and they're begging for him to play in the NHL next season.

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten and Brandon Lisowsky

Checking in on the CHL playoff runs of Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten and Brandon Lisowsky as they all pushed for a spot at the Memorial Cup.
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