NHL Draft

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Coverage of the NHL Entry Draft and draft prospects.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Harrison Brunicke

Looking at the highly underrated defense prospect, Harrison Brunicke, and how great a fit he could be for a Maple Leafs prospect system that is desperate for high end defensemen.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Clarke Caswell

Looking at one of the very best playmakers in this year's draft, who will likely fall to the middle rounds because of issues with his speed.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Yegor Surin

Looking at an interesting Russian prospect with two-way potential in Yegor Surin, who went from being an undersized skilled guy to a versatile, dual-threat power forward in a year.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: John Mustard

Looking at the fast skating, hard shooting, and hard working forward that went from playing in a Jersey AAA league last year to being the top goal scoring rookie in the USHL this year with one of the best names in this year's draft: John Mustard.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Luke Misa

Looking at the highly skilled and speedy center/winger, Luke Misa, who was one of the top producing players in the OHL last year.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Teddy Stiga

Looking at a late blooming two-way winger, Teddy Stiga from the US National Development Team. He's grown a good amount both literally and figuratively the past two seasons, and seems to fit what Toronto likes in their top prospects.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: EJ Emery

Looking at a true defensive defenseman specialist with potential as a solid two-way guy, EJ Emery. There's a lot of debate about how much his offensive skill projects, but there's no question about his defensive impact.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Dominik Badinka

Looking at a big, mobile, puck moving defenseman Dominik Badinka from Czechia, and if his strengths make him an ideal pick in the late first round for Toronto.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Stian Solberg

Looking at the big, bruising defenseman from Norway, Stian Solberg, and if he has some late blooming potential that would make for a great first round swing by Toronto.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Alfons Freij

Looking at one of Sweden's top defense prospects in this year's draft, Alfons Freij. He's a smooth skating defenseman who is already very refined offensively and shows promise defensively.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Lucas Pettersson

Looking at one of Sweden's top forward prospects in this year's draft, Lucas Pettersson. He's a slightly undersized but effective two-way center with strong skating and playmaking skill.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Andrew Basha

I've mentioned before that I like to write some of these draft profiles around who I am guessing fit the mold of what the Maple Leafs are looking for in a prospect. This has changed over the years as I've seen and watched more and more

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Sacha Boisvert

Looking at the stats, scouting reports and highlight clips of Sacha Boisvert, the big French power forward who can play a solid two-way center and really rip it.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Michael Hage

Looking at the stats, scouting reports and highlight clips of Michael Hage, the skilled center from Mississauga who has had to overcome a lot adversity the past two years to become as good as he is.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Igor Chernysov

Igor Chernysov has the potential to be a high end power forward with strong two-way abilities. The questions with him will be about how good he can be offensively. I dig into why he'd be worth a first round pick if he slips to Toronto.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Adam Jiříček

Assessing Adam Jiříček, whose draft rankings have been falling all year after being one of the top defensemen at the start of the year after he suffered a serious injury and didn't perform as well as expected.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Michael Brandsegg-Nygård

Scouting Norway's best prospect in years, power forward Michael Brandsegg-Nygård, and if he makes sense for the Toronto Maple Leafs if he falls into the later first round.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Liam Greentree

Scouting Liam Greentree, one of the OHL's best draft eligible forwards this year who offers an interesting mix of size and skill and is already a leader at 17 years old.

2024 NHL Draft Profile: Tij Iginla

Scouting Tij Iginla, the older son of NHL legend Jarome Iginla, and if he makes sense for the Toronto Maple Leafs if he falls into the later first round.

2024 NHL Draft Profiles: Primer

Introducing and previewing all of the 2024 NHL draft profiles that I will be publishing for all of June, leading up to the first day of the draft on the 28th.

Draft-eligible players to watch at the Memorial Cup

There's more to the Mem Cup than Easton Cowan.

2024 NHL Draft: Later Round Watch List

Looking at some prospects who seem more likely to wind up being mid or late round picks that could be interesting options for the Maple Leafs.

2024 NHL Draft: Bob McKenzie Rankings and My Watch List

Looking at Bob McKenzie's mid-season ranking update that just dropped, and talking about my favourite prospects who look like they could be available to Toronto.

2024 NHL Draft Watch List: World Junior A Challenge

Looking at some of the top performing prospects at the recent World Junior A Challenge from Canada, Sweden and the USA.

2024 NHL Draft Watch List: World Juniors

If you want to get more out of this year's World Juniors than just watching Minten and Cowan on Canada, keep an eye out for these seven prospects who will be eligible for this year's NHL draft!
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