Good evening everyone, it's draft day one.

If you want to dig into the prospect world, this post has you covered:

2024 NHL Draft Preview & How to Watch
All the information you need if you want to watch either/both days of the 2024 NHL draft in Vegas this year. It will start at 7 pm EST on Friday, with day two starting at 11:30 am EST.

For tonight, the draft order as of the Habs pick trade this afternoon is:

  1. San Jose
  2. Chicago
  3. Anaheim
  4. Columbus
  5. Montréal
  6. Utah
  7. Ottawa
  8. Seattle
  9. Calgary
  10. New Jersey
  11. San Jose
  12. Philadelphia
  13. Minnesota
  14. Buffalo
  15. Detroit
  16. St. Louis
  17. Washington
  18. Chicago
  19. Vegas
  20. New York Islanders
  21. Montréal
  22. Nashville
  23. Toronto
  24. Colorado
  25. Boston
  26. Los Angeles
  27. Carolina
  28. Calgary
  29. Dallas
  30. New York Rangers
  31. Anaheim
  32. Philadelphia

We'll have a post up as quick as I can type when the Leafs make their pick, and Brian will have a much more intelligent post up later.

Happy Draft Day!