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I like watching and writing about prospects. You can find my older posts from SB Nation here:

Analyzing Brad Treliving's Draft History

Analyzing the draft history of Brad Treliving with the Calgary Flames and seeing how he stacks up against Kyle Dubas and the Maple Leafs. No reason, why do you ask?

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: Europe

Recapping the seasons and development progression for some of Toronto's European prospects, such as Roni Hirvonen, Topi Niemelä, Dennis Hildeby and more.

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: North America

Recapping the seasons and development progression for some of Toronto's North American prospects, such as Nick Moldenhauer, Ryan Tverberg, and Mike Koster.

2023 Memorial Cup Preview

Previewing the 2023 Memorial Cup in Kamloops, featuring Fraser Minten and the Kamloops Blazers, the Seattle Thunderbirds, Quebec Ramparts, and Peterborough Petes.

PPP Roundtable: Did Shanahan Make the Right Choice?

Two versions of Brendan Shanahan exist. V1 was ready to extend Kyle Dubas as GM of the Leafs. V2 decided on Thursday, shortly after Dubas's agent submitted a new contract offer, that he was firing that guy.

Vyacheslav Peksa signed to an ELC

Maple Leafs prospect Vyacheslav Peksa signed a three year ELC with Toronto after a stellar season in the Russian VHL as one of their top young goalies.

PPPostseason Roundtable

We ask the big questions and give our best answers before we have any idea of what to base them on. As is tradition.

How did Fraser Minten improve this year?

Looking at how Fraser Minten improved as a prospect this season, from his dangerous wrist shot to his ability to link all his skills together.

How did Ty Voit develop this season?

Ty Voit had a big increase in his point production this season, but how did he actually improve and develop his game?

Saturday FTB: Bruins get screwed by goal review

Talking about the Bruins getting screwed by a goal review, the Maple Leafs prospects still in the playoffs, and other hockey news.

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: Minten, Voit, and Lisowsky

Four Maple Leafs prospects are still playing in the CHL playoffs as it reaches the semi-finals. Here's a preview of each of their series, and how they've been doing so far.

Pre-Playoffs Prattle Roundtable

We dole out the reverse awards and decide what we loved and less than loved about the Leafs this year.

NHL Draft Watch List: Final Edition

The regular season is over, and we know roughly which draft positions Toronto will pick at... for now. Here are some prospects who may be available in Toronto's pick ranges that I have come to like through this season.

Is Matthew Knies NHL Ready?

Matthew Knies has had a phenomenal season in the NCAA and seems poised for an NHL contract soon. But is he good enough right now to be a regular in the Maple Leafs' roster?

Topi Niemelä and Dennis Hildeby join the Marlies

The Toronto Marlies have announced that prospects Topi Niemelä and Dennis Hildeby will join the team.

How to Watch Toronto's Prospects in the CHL Playoffs

Learn when and how to watch Toronto Maple Leafs prospects playing in the CHL playoffs: Ty Voit, Fraser Minten, Brandon Lisowsky, and more.

Roundtable: We’re not mad, just disappointed — again

There’s really nothing we’d like more than never doing another article like this.
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