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Adam Selvig

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  • Niagara
Adam has been with PPP for 10+ years and has lots of fan mail from Buffalo & Winnipeg. Covered IIHF, AHL, PWHPA, and CHL events for the site and bothered many prospects with bad questions.

FTB: Where do you want to see a game?

If you could go anywhere to see any games, what would you want to see?

FTB: Still no games

We're still waiting for our Maple Leafs to readjust to Toronto time, then it's off to Chicago.

FTB: Lucky 16

Will anything ever stop William Nylander from scoring?

FTB: Afternoon Delight

The Maple Leafs have traveller right hours(ish) into the future. What wonders are they seeing that we have to wait for?

FTB: Maple Leafs arrive in Sweden

It's time for a cross planet road trip!

FTB: Will the Leafs go 11/7 tonight?

What is going on with the lines and call ups? Trade bait? Line blender? Nothing?

FTB: Courtnall for Kordic turns 35

The Leafs won last night, but it's the anniversary of one of the biggest losses they've made.

Recap: Leafs make a huge comeback, win it OT

After being down by three goals in the first period, the Maple Leafs storm back into the game...

FTB: Hamilton's hockey hopes ring hollow

Former MLSE boss Tim Liewikie is promising big things for the future of high level hockey in Hamilton. Is he upselling a big civic project or creating false hope?

FTB: Timothy Liljegren to miss "Significant time"

Want to get angry in the morning? Great! Here's some terrible news.

Recap: Maple Leafs lose to Boston, lose Liljegren

The Maple Leafs shipped off to Boston and it was a very typical Leafs/Bruins game.

FTB: Happy Halloween Leafs fans!

Boo! In the spooky ghost way, not the usual way.

FTB: Gambling is bad, brought to you by the BetNHL app

Chat about the Leafs, hockey, shorts, cats, potatoes, and that weird smell Play-Doh has.

Maple Leafs defeat the Stars, thank you Woll

The Maple Leafs beat the Dallas Stars...but did they deserve to?

Why are you a fan?

Adam is on a mission to find out why we do the things we do for a game?

FTB: Super Tuesday

Every single NHL team is on the schedule today. But why Tuesday?

FTB: Growlers get going

The third season of Maple Leafs (ish) hockey begins tonight out on the Atlantic Ocean.

FTB: You can't win 'em all

A 67% win rate is just so Leafy.

Game two, win two, hat trick number two

Two hat tricks in two games for Auston Matthews. Maple Leafs win their second of the year and let's celebrate!

FTB: Such a long wait

Hang out and wait the long wait for game two of the Maple Leafs 2023/24 season. Such a long wait...

Game One, Win one

The Maple Leafs opened the 2023/24 season with a win over the Montreal Canadiens!

Maple Leafs opening night roster changes

How much turnover happened to the Leafs opening night roster? Surprisingly, a lot.

FTB: One. More. Day.

It's opening day for the NHL and they've done us all dirty by excluding the Leafs.

FTB: Minten Day

Chat with us about the Leafs recent moves!

FTB: 32 teams, 32 sentences

Enjoy your long weekend if you get one!
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