The Florida Panthers hold a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Finals, two wins away from the franchises first Stanley Cup after losing last year to the Vegas Golden Knights and in 1996 to the Colorado Avalanche.

The Edmonton Oilers are looking for their first cup since 1990, and are in their first Finals since 2006. Coming home Edmonton should be feeling better; they know the rink, they have their own beds, the arena will be jammed full of Oilers fans, but I want them to know, with all of my heart, I hope for them to fail.

Send Stanley to the south where he belongs!

You may now bash me in the comments

The NHL Salary Cap is jumping $6.5Million on July 1st. The biggest jump since 2019.

NHL Salary Cap Rises 5.4% as COVID-19 ‘Debt’ Extinguished
The NHL salary cap is headed for its biggest increase since the 2018-19 season, and the first bump of more than $1 million since the 2019-20 campaign.

The Trois-Rivieres Lions will be hosting a mystery press conference tomorrow.

Reporter Matthew Vachon has thoughts this could be about affiliation next season. Maybe the Leafs are sharing with the Canadiens?

Bruce Boudreau and Gino Reda discussed how the Oilers could make a comeback. Hopefully they're wrong.

It's day two of a two day break in the Finals schedule so we're running light on things.

One last note though, the PWHL Awards were handed out and Toronto's injured Natalie Spooner was named league MVP.

PWHL Toronto forward Natalie Spooner named league’s inaugural MVP | CBC Sports
Natalie Spooner has been named the most valuable player of the inaugural Professional Women’s Hockey League season.

It's well deserved and her impact was very clear in the playoffs, especially when she was missing.

Spooner was also named to the first all-start team and won forward of the year. Kristen Campbell was named best goaltender, and Troy Ryan won the coach award. Spooner was also recognized for the points and goals lead.

Enjoy your day everyone!