Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans?

We are once again lacking in Maple Leafs news, but there's Toronto sports making the rounds:

The Blue Jays are back in black. The city connect series has been revealed and they're neat. I like the hat better than the jersey though.

So, big Toronto news. Anything else happen?

The LA Kings hired some guy.

The Florida Panthers took the series lead over the Rangers.

Recap: Rangers Behind in a Series For First Time These Playoffs
The good news? The Rangers played better and have gotten very far without trailing in a playoff series this year. The not so good news? They’re now on the brink of the e word none of us fans want to think about. Morale isn’t great right now but

Edmonton and Dallas play their game five tonight at 8pm.

Afterwords: Foot Off the Gas
Let’s talk about last night’s game so that we can not talk about it anymore.

Canada has its opponents for next year's World Hockey Championship.

IIHF - The 2025 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship grouping revealed
Last Sunday saw the final of the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship…

One less prospect to worry about.

Finally, if you like prospects, head to Sarnia next year, as they get to host the World U17 Challenge.

Sarnia to host 2024 U17 World Hockey Challenge
Hockey Canada announced the tournament, which includes teams from five countries, will be played Nov. 1-9 at Progressive Auto Sales Arena

Enjoy your day!