Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

We had some Sunday afternoon news yesterday when the Maple Leafs announced the hiring of Marc Savard as assistant coach.

Leafs hire Marc Savard as assistant coach
Everyone is surprised the hiring we all heard about has happened.

We're gearing up for a big news week with game seven of the Stanley Cup Final scheduled for 8PM tonight.

Trying to go to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final? Be ready to open your wallet
You will be hard-pressed to find much for less than $1,500 per ticket on the verified resale market for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday night

Then we are rushing right into the draft on Friday and Saturday, and then free agency opening up Monday afternoon.

NHL Draft - PPP Leafs
Coverage of the NHL Entry Draft and draft prospects.

The schedule looks like this:

  • Monday, June 24 – Game 7
  • Tuesday – Bob McKenzie's draft rankings will be released
  • Wednesday – Likely travel day for everyone going to Vegas.
  • Thursday –
    • First buyout window opens. Waivers are required the day before a buyout of any player without an NMC. The window closes on June 30, so teams have very little time to try to trade players they'll buy out otherwise.
    • The action moves to Vegas where the NHL Awards are on, with all players expected to attend (don't we know all the winners but about three?). The NHLPA is having meetings in Vegas on Thursday and Friday, so there might be some statement from them about whatever they're concerned about.
  • Friday – Round 1 of the Draft will air at 7 pm on Sportsnet.
  • Saturday – Round 2 of the Draft will air at 11:30 am on Sportsnet.
  • Sunday, June 30 – Buyout window closes and Qualifying Offers are due
  • Saturday – Free Agency begins at noon. Happy Canada Day!

And we may also be hearing from everyone's favourite jersey maker, Fanatics, this week.

Hopefully they have learned from the MLB launch and we won't end up with see through pants on the ice. Or, maybe, depends.

MLB’s Uniform Fiasco Is About More Than See-Through Pants
No matter what Major League Baseball has said about this season’s kits, it hasn’t quelled players’ belief that the league is trying to get one over on them.

There was a small trade earlier yesterday between the Sharks and Predators.

Finally, Brock McGillis is travelling the country and doing good work to make hockey for everyone.

Brock McGillis isn’t afraid to have the conversations hockey needs
Talking to 100 minor hockey teams in 100 days on his Culture Shift Tour, Brock McGillis was struck by the desire from players, coaches and parents across Canada to make hockey safer for everyone — experiences and interactions that left him energized and hopeful for the future.

Enjoy your day everyone!