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Adam Selvig

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  • Niagara
Adam has been with PPP for 10+ years and has lots of fan mail from Buffalo & Winnipeg. Covered IIHF, AHL, PWHPA, and CHL events for the site and bothered many prospects with bad questions.

FTB: Ten to go

Ten games remain. Where will Toronto end up?

Tuesday FTB: Thoughts I had, so I asked Grant Fuhr

You know when you have thoughts and want to ask people who may know better?

Monday FTB: Looking at the Maple Leafs remaining games

With just a few weeks left in the NHL season, who will the Leafs play spoiler to, and who will try to spoil them?

FTB: The 1998 trade deadline...

The Leafs won the game last night, and other things to talk about

Wednesday FTB: Quick links after a loss.

Chat here with your fellow Leafs fans.

Recap: Leafs try to comeback, can't quite do it

Less than a week after beating the Flyers 6-2 at home, the Leafs travelled to the City of Brotherly Love to try and recreate some magic.

FTB: Thank you, Wayne

15 seasons, 1,037 games later, we say goodbye to Wayne Simmonds.

FTB: It's USports championship day!

The Leafs lost but make sure to check out the national University championships tonight!

FTB: Hurricanes are coming

The Hurricanes are in town tonight. How have the Leafs looked against them?

FTB: Another night with no Leafs

What freedom we have at night without a Leafs game. We could do anything.

FTB: Where the Leafs and friends stand

Trade deadline is over. Now we wait for the playoffs.

FTB: Trading players like cards

Good morning! Have we run out of trades already?

Recap: Maple Leafs prove they're worth investing in with win over Sabres

The Maple Leafs were worrying everyone this season that they weren't worth adding to at the deadline. I'd say they are now.

Tuesday FTB: It's terrifyingly beautiful

Let's enjoy this beautiful weather but arguing about GXF% or which teeth Max Domi is actually missing.

FTB: Five days to the deadline

The 2024 NHL trade deadline is on March 8th. Will we see any big moves leading up to Friday?

Wednesday FTB: All good things must come to an end

Good morning! Well, it's morning.

FTB: Pride Night

Good morning! Come chat with us about the Maple Leafs, hockey, and whatever other topics we find in the couch cushions.

The Wayne Gretzky mystery box

It's Schrodinger's box of hockey cards.

Recap: All You Can Score Goals for Toronto in Vegas

The Maple Leafs got Morgan Rielly back, the depth scored most of the goals, and the win streak hit six.

Wednesday FTB: Remember to take a nap today

Good morning! Reminder that tonight's game practically starts tomorrow.

Tuesday FTB: Family reunion

Two of the best hockey players to come out of the desert return home.

Monday FTB: Never going to lose again

Good morning Maple Leafs fans! Remember! The game is at 1:00!

Wednesday FTB: One down, four to go

No Morgan, no John, no Mitch, no Martin. What else could go wrong?

Monday FTB: Just another Morgan Monday

Today Morgan Rielly finds out his fate.

Sunday FTB: Morgan Rielly is mad

Morgan Rielly's hit on Greig: Overreaction or appropriate?
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