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GDT: Game Seven

It's not supposed to be easy for the fans either.

Recap: Maple Leafs force game seven

The Maple Leafs almost shutout the Bruins for a big game six win. Celebrate in the comments before we worry about Saturday.

GDT: Leafs vs Bruins

Come watch with us.

Preview: Round 1 Game 6

Do the thing, Leafs

Recap: Maple Leafs score first and last, and win in OT

The Maple Leafs won another game on the road to cut the Bruins series lead to 3-2. Can they win twice more?

Preview: Round 1 Game 5

Once more in Boston. (I vote for twice more, myself.)

Recap: Leafs lose, go down 3-1 in round one

Leafs were never in this game. Not even for the brief moment in the third.

GDT: Game 4 in Toronto

Come watch with us!

Preview: Round 1 Game 4 - Bruins @ Leafs

Leafs need to play five-on-five like game 2, not game 3.

Recap: Bruins win it with a dagger of a goal

Bruins won that one mostly by themselves, but the Leafs sure know how to give them a hand now and then.

GDT: Round 1 Game 3

Go Leafs Go!

Preview: Leafs at home to Boston for Round 1 Game 3

Third verse, same as the first two. No change for the sake of change.

GDT: Once more in Boston

Watch if you dare.

Preview: Round 1 Game 2

Repeating the same action and expecting different results is the definition of hockey.

Recap: Leafs lose in opening game

The sky, it has fallen.

GDT: Round 1, Game 1

Come watch with us.

Round 1 Game 1 Preview: here we go again

The regular season is over, time to start with a blank slate.

Recap: Leafs played like their minds were on the next game

Matthews gets to reset the goal counter.

GDT: Last Rehersal

Watch with us!

Preview: Game 82 is finally here

Who is even in this game?

Recap: The Leafs lost, and Florida wins the division

The Maple Leafs had the chance to control their destiny, but after a strong start had to attempt to play catch up....
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