Three games on top tonight:

At 7:00 pm on TSN and YouTube (as well as several outlets in the USA) is the final winner takes the Walter Cup match of the PWHL. Minnesota vs Boston. Watch history be made and some fun hockey.

At 7:30 pm on TSN and the CHL's very, very expensive streaming package is the final preliminary round game between Saginaw and London at the Memorial Cup.

Winner takes the most points in the preliminaries and goes right to the final, loser plays Moose Jaw in the semis.

At 8:30 pm, Edmonton looks to tie the series with Dallas at two-all. Dallas, of course, has other ideas. Sportsnet is the home for this game in Canada.

I am not happy about who is in the Walter Cup final, but they failed to consult me on this. Nonetheless:

This one starts slow and then builds and then... hey is that a metaphor?