I'm making pizza later, so mmmmm cheese, to start the day.

If there were contract news, that headline would be great, but there isn't because we're still in the holding pattern waiting for June.

The PWHL finishes tonight with Game 5 of the Final between Boston and Minnesota at 7 pm.

Also tonight London plays Saginaw at 7:30 to decide first and second place at the Memorial Cup. Both games are on TSN, the PWHL is also on YouTube.

Last night Moose Jaw beat Drummondville to decide who is out of the running. No tiebreaker game needed this year. The Warriors scored three, Drummondville just poured on the shots, got three back, and then Moose Jaw broke their hearts with the winner in a period where Drummondville had 26 shots on goal and Moose Jaw only 6.

Moose Jaw and the loser of tonight's game play in the semifinal on Friday, and the winner tonight gets to relax until Sunday.

They mentioned on the broadcast the other day that some players are actually staying in Frankenmuth just down the road (likely because it has a lot of accommodation), so they can spend their downtime buying tacky Bavarian souvenirs and Christmas decorations.

In the NHL, the Rangers and the Panthers were tied when I went to bed. You know what to do.

And in other various things:

The "We'll play in Tempe" plan has been deeply watered down.

Another assistant coach looking for work:

Oh good, here we go again:

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