First Period

What a way to start the game. The downside of a simple defender is that they often try simple "ring it off the glass" plays. Simon Benoit sends the Bruins to a power play in the first minute of the game.

At 19 minutes, Ilya Samsonov has made two saves.

JvR on the wrong team on the power play in the playoffs is painful, but the Leafs survive three shots from the Bruins.

Leafs get the next power play when the other new guy for Boston on defence, Mason Lohrei, takes a cross-checking call.

Leafs make Jeremy Swayman work hard at first, as the Bruins PK is just pretty much lost.

A mislaid pass leads to a rush against by Pavel Zacha, and Samsonov has it. Six minutes in, and Sammy is up to 20 bells.

Bruins survive three shots.

Ilya Lyubushkin draws a penalty with his speed and agility. Yes, I said that. I meant that.

The Leafs pull their "we can't get setup" power play out of the tickle trunk. No shots on that one. Better luck next time.

Brad Marchand with a dirty play he gets away with. Tyler Bertuzzi gets away with the retaliation.

Sheldon Keefe has the fourth line out against the Bruins top line, and everyone's bloodlust is up as David Pastrnak and Zacha take some big hits. Ryan Reaves and Benoit with smart hits there.

The actual Leafs top line has one of those, "we have the puck but can't exit the zone" moments.

And that's a scoreless period that went by pretty fast.



vs five-on-five

Come on, guys, there were only three power plays. Shoot the puck once in a while. (Not you, Max.)

Second Period

Matthews gets a post on a "two"-on-one with Max Domi, where everyone knew who was shooting. I remember fondly when we used to think that Mitch Marner was a legit scoring threat on that line because he was.

There is absolutely nothing going on this period. I assume Boston has listened to Craig Simpson bang on about second period goals all season, and is just trying to avoid any of those.

Pastrnak takes a really dumb hooking call. I'm all for him getting stupid. Leafs to the power play.

Samsonov comes way out of the net when the Bruins dump the puck in and yes, we're awake now. A good power play, but no change in the score.

Swayman robs Connor Dewar.

Calle Järnkrok robs Nick Robertson of a great assist.

Mitch Marner with Edmundson playing centre (!!!) and Matthew Knies driving the net, and that spells goal.

1-0 Leafs

Sammy stops a rush from JvR, and he has him cold! Lyubushkin forgot to play defence for a sec.

Boston right back at it again, and a zone exit would be awesome right now.

Pontus Holmberg with a chance, but he's passing to Reaves, so no go.

The crowd is loud, the Leafs are on fire right now.

Some Bertuzzi vs Marchand stuff at centre ice, after McAvoy tackles Matthews behind the Bruins net (which was a penalty). Everyone is all upset, except Trent Frederic.

Tie Game

I don't every want to see a player jousting at centre ice while the team is being scored on. Marchand is winning the battles on the emo front. If that's the ref's fault or Bertuzzi's, the result is the same.

Not a great showing by Samsonov there on an unscreened shot with 1.4% chance of scoring per Moneypuck.

Bruins take a penalty with a typical McAvoy nasty move on Dewar. Not quite two minutes left.

Bruins get a two-on-one, and a high hit from Bertuzzi ends the power play. Bruins rag the puck, and try to run down the clock. Leafs let them. Boston will have about a minute of power play to open the third period.

Eventually the right guys are in the penalty box.


I enjoyed the game when the Leafs were leading.

The Bruins really poured on the shots just before and after that goal, and the Leafs got spun in circles. It's another 20-minute game just like game two.

Marchand is in your heads, guys.

Third Period

Bruins have just over a minute of power play time and they score.

2-1 Bruins

The stupid from the second period splashed over onto the third, and now it's a hill to climb for the Leafs.

Lohrei gets the penalty for hauling down Matthews.

How did that stay out!

Bertuzzi now has four shots on this power play and no goals. Frankly the second pair weren't that great but the first two seemed like they needed to find twine.

Swayman creates a long timeout by having his mask fixed, so the Leafs get a rest and the top unit stays out.

Okay, that's it. Marner with a great little zip around with the puck and he centres it to three Bruins. I don't know what is wrong with him beyond his injury but all he is right now is someone who makes slow and bad decisions like Domi with a lot more skill to mitigate it a little.

JvR with another rush and he gets the post. Samsonov looked inert.

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEERT. I don't even believe it!

Tie Game!

Boston nearly gives it away while the crowd is still cheering, and Domi can't control the puck in front of an empty net.

Then the worst happens.

3-2 Boston

I don't want to talk about Domi's aimless wandering around there. I'm just so tired of it all.

I don't want to talk about Samsonov throwing his stick away. I have no idea how that happened.

Leafs come back hard, I'll give them that. They aren't calling this game done.

Samsonov out of the net and the Leafs get the traditional chaotic scrum at the Boston net.

Tavares takes a very late penalty, and the Bruins miss the empty net.

Bruins miss the empty net once more, but to cap this off Bertuzzi tries to mug Marchand, and he just gets up and scores on the empty net.

4-2 Bruins


I miss Bobby McMann. And Willy.

Next game is Saturday at a not very sensible 8 pm.