Good morning everyone. How are you feeling today?

I got up and immediately threw my pillow, then I tossed my toothbrush into the corner. I'm staying away from the kitchen knives, though. But enough about Leafs goalies. You can read the whole story here:

Recap: Bruins win it with a dagger of a goal
Bruins won that one mostly by themselves, but the Leafs sure know how to give them a hand now and then.

Both other games were late ones, so you'll have to discover the scores yourself from you favourite provider of game results.

Right to the news:

Note: Toronto play on Saturday afternoon, but that's an away game, this is the next home game.

Also last night, PWHL Montréal clinched their playoff spot. Minnesota isn't quite there yet, and the fourth spot is very open between Ottawa and Boston.

The Marlies opened their best-of-three playoff round against Belleville with a 3-1 loss. The next game is Friday at home in Toronto.

The crowd came out in Salt Lake to meet the Utah team:

I have not read this, but feel free to give it a go and report back:

The AI Faceoff: Revolutionizing Hockey With Cutting-Edge Technology
From the National Hockey League (NHL) to local arenas, AI is reshaping how hockey is played, coached, and experienced.

And finally, when you comprehensively come last with a team that should have been tanking, but wasn't actually doing it on purpose, you get...

Have a good day, everyone, see you Saturday.