The PWHL opened free agency on Firday, June 21. Prior to that date teams had an exclusive window to re-sign their free agents, and there were a few. The slow pace of re-signings could indicate the strong quality of the 2024 draft.

To track these signings and the team rosters, I started with every player that appeared in a regular season game, and added the contract information that was public last summer. Unfortunately the PWHL stopped updating their signing tracker as training camp opened and all the players signed out of training camp were a bit mysterious.

Elite Prospects is a good source for contract details so using them and the PWHLPA's list of free agents, I finalized a list that has only a few players whose status isn't known. I'm keeping them on this list until it's clear where they are playing next season.

Next came social media to find all the announced retirements. And I expect there will be more of those.

The PWHL had a rule last year about the number of players on three-year deals. That rule no longer applies, but they do have to hit the salary cap amount before the season begins. Contract amounts are not public, and the PWHLPA is firm still in saying they want that private.

Some teams are signing just drafted players so they will be added to this page as they happen. For now, this is updated as of the time of publication, and I'll update tomorrow with more additions.

One thing I did discover is that Victoria Bach, who I had thought was a free agent, actually has one more year on her contract.

View on the web:

PWHL Contracts - Google Drive

Or view in this page:

PWHL Contract Tracker

Toronto has 13 players signed at time of publication, so they have a lot to re-sign or add.