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Coverage of the Professional Women's Hockey League.

Tuesday FTB: PWHL Draft

Awards are tonight

PWHL Draft Watch Post

Watch here as we demand Toronto draft all the best players.

PWHL Draft Eligible Players

Draft Primer time. Also news on free agency and trades.

PWHL Preview: Game 5

Winner takes all. Or at least Boston.

PWHL GDT: Game 4 - Toronto is Spoonless in Minnesota

No spoon, so everyone has to pitch in.

PWHL Playoff Preview: Toronto vs Minnesota

Playoff semifinals start tonight.

PWHL Preview: Ottawa wants in

The final game of the first regular season of the PWHL.

PWHL Preview: Toronto Pride with guests Minnesota

Pride night as Toronto welcomes Minnesota for the final time before the playoffs.

PWHL Preview: Toronto @ New York

Clinching scenarios, Gold drafting, points and all that jazz. Let's just play hockey.

PWHL Preview: Toronto @ Boston

We are always playing Boston.

PWHL Preview: Boston @ Toronto

Boston! Everyone wants to beat Boston.

PWHL Preview: Toronto @ Montréal

We're going to Pittsburgh!

PWHL Preview: Montréal @ Toronto

Toronto - Montréal, take one.

PWHL Preview: Boston @ Toronto

Boston again but I'm not sure we actively hate this Boston team yet.

PWHL Preview:

Afternoon game thread!

PWHL Preview: Toronto at Minnesota

A late start tonight.

Saturday FTB: PWHL Toronto has full seats and clean sheets

Kristen Campbell posted a 30-save shutout as PWHL Toronto sold out Scotiabank Arena on Friday night for the Battle on Bay St against PWHL Montreal.

PWHL Preview: Welcome to our big house, Montréal

A clean win tonight puts Toronto on top of the league in regulation wins.

Thursday FTB: Spoon full of hats

Always feels good to beat Boston.

PWHL Preview: Toronto at Boston

Back to work!
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