Women's Hockey

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Coverage of women's hockey with a Team Canada and Toronto focus.

PWHL Preview: Welcome to our big house, Montréal

A clean win tonight puts Toronto on top of the league in regulation wins.

PWHL Preview: Toronto at Boston

Back to work!

PWHL Preview: Minnesota in town

The ASG break is over!

PWHL stats: Attendance

How many people are watching the games live.

PWHL Preview: New York at Toronto

It's a contest between the lowest ranked teams tonight.

PWHL Preview: Toronto vs Ottawa

Battle of Ontario - take two!

PWHL Preview: Toronto @ Montréal

Toronto's goals seem to be on backorder along with the merch.

PWHL Preview: Boston at Toronto

Two teams with disappointing starts go head-to-head. Who gets to turn things around?

PWHL Preview: Ottawa visits Toronto

Afternoon hockey on tap today in the first PWHL battle of Ontario.

PWHL Preview: Toronto @ Minnesota

Toronto plays Minnesota at home for the first time.

PWHL: Toronto @ New York

Toronto wants redemption, New York wants to make the home crowd happy.

PWHL Toronto Recap: kicking off a new era of hockey

Don't worry, it's only the beginning.

Preview: New York @ Toronto in the opening PWHL matchup

The future is here, someday came after all and game one of the PWHL is today!

Get to know Team Toronto

Team Toronto is ready to play.

PWHL Launch

It's about to go up!

Road to the PWHL

History is written by the victors.

Toronto announces roster for inaugural PWHL season

23 players and 3 reserves for each team.

PWHL releases full schedule

Toronto looks to play all their home games at home.

PWHL Training Camp Begins

Training camp rosters, signing tracker and all the details you need for this phase of the first PWHL season.

FTB: USA beats Canada in offseason tournament

This is the first time we've seen the stars of the PWHL on the ice since the league was launched.

PWHL: Toronto's training camp roster announced

Let's go camping!

Toronto's Picks in 1st PWHL Draft

Learn about Toronto's PWHL picks here.

Toronto drafts Jocelyne Larocque second overall in the PWHL draft

With Toronto's first ever PWHL draft pick, GM Gina Kingsbury selected defender Jocelyne Larocque.

PWHL Draft - Live tracker

This is your hub for today's PWHL draft. We'll track the main draft here while we work on covering the top Toronto picks.

PWHL head coaches announced

Ottawa gets a good one, and that shouldn't be allowed.
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