Boston at Toronto – 7:00 p.m. ET – Mattamy Athletic Centre
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Toronto's last game was on Saturday, on the road in Ottawa, where they won by a score of 5-2. They have a Points % of .571, and are in third place.

Boston's last game was on Saturday, on the road in Montréal, where they lost by a score of 3-1. They have a Points % of .462 and are in fourth place.


I think Boston is surprising people by not being the dominating team they seemed like they'd be because of the star-power at the top of their forward lineup. Their goaltending has been good, their PK is very good, but they score at a very low rate and their very bad power play makes that worse.

Their top goal-scorers are Loren Gabel and Taylor Girard with four each. Alina Müller is setting up other people's goals, not getting many (two so far) herself. Hilary Knight is not much of a factor.


Were Toronto playing badly and now they're better, or were they just on the wrong side of a run of luck and now that's reversed? Both, likely. The goaltending is still not excellent, but Toronto shoots so much and can score so much they get away with it.

It's not just up to Natalie Spooner to score the goals lately, so that's one thing that's helped the team. No other team scores at as high a rate as Toronto.

The Game

Toronto has five more games to play in March, meaning there's 15 points to be had. Keeping focus, ignoring the upcoming break and piling up as many of those 15 points as they can is the job in every game.