From The Branches

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From the Branches or FTB as it's known, is the daily links and chat post for Pension Plan Puppets.

Sunday FTB: Sigh

.... Well. Dang.

Saturday FTB: Marlies live a little longer

Possible lineup changes ahead of tonight's game.

Friday FTB: a second day off

News and links for Friday.

Thursday FTB: Playoffs are like this

Read any good books lately?

FTB: Home sweet home

It's game day! Come share your worries here.

Monday's FTB: A chance to get back in it

Will you be spending all day dreading the upcoming game, or will you be chill and not worry about it, at least until a few minutes before it starts?

Sunday FTB: Can't burn every tape

Are the Leafs burning or is the fire in the shape of a Leaf?

FTB: Is the coolest name no name now?

One more day until we get back to it against the Bruins.

FTB: Here we go again

Chat away your playoff worries here.

FTB: Leafs get a chance to beat the Bruins

It's been a long time in hockey years, but not so long it wouldn't be sweet to beat them.

Tuesday's FTB: Florida bound

The Leafs retire the regular season in Florida.

FTB: Two to go

Only two games left. What will happen?

FTB: Another week of Coyotes drama

Will it finally end? Maybe not for half a decade.

Saturday FTB: One last time at home

The final game of the season at Scotiabank Arena is tonight against Detroit. How have the Leafs performed at home?

Friday FTB: Matthews passes Sundin in even strength goals

Auston Matthews, at only the age of 26, has passed Mats Sundin for the Leafs all-time record of even strength goals.

Thursday FTB: the Coyotes are being sold for how much?

A very rich man in Utah is on his way to buy the Arizona Coyotes for a whopping $1.3 billion.

Wednesday FTB: How many games does Auston need to score 4 more?

A day off from hockey. You'll have time to watch all 66 of those goals.

Tuesday FTB: SEGABABA time

Another game? How long is this season?

Monday's FTB: It's eclipse day, what does that mean for the Maple Leafs?

It's eclipse day! What does that mean for the Maple Leafs?

FTB: Time is almost up

Come hang and chat here while we wait for tomorrows game.

Friday FTB: how the Leafs will clinch a playoff spot this weekend

The Toronto Maple Leafs sit 10th in the league (5th in the conference) with 43 wins and 95 points in 75 games this season.

FTB: Can't win 'em all

Ah, the post loss morning. Good thing we have two days off to stew about and over analyze it.
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