Insider Trading: The latest ‘near-offseason’ updates - Video - TSN
TSN’s Hockey Insiders have the latest on Jacob Markstrom, Mitch Marner, Nik Ehlers, Patrik Laine and Martin Necas, as well as why Leon Draisaitl wasn’t suspended and Team Canada/Jon Cooper.

The Marner stuff is another edition of he's playing out his contract, Leafs open to blah, blah. Same old. No one on this panel sounded like they believed any more than I do that Marner is getting traded. Thanks, though, to everyone for the really annoying opening to the Leafs offseason for stoking up the fantasy.

One more year of hearing, "You know, you just can't win with x guys making y percent of the cap." I'm totally confident that when x increases everyone will stop saying this. Totally.

The actual news was that Patrik Laine and Columbus are trying to come up with a trade. Martin Necas is a case of Carolina just picking the deal they want to make and Winnipeg wants everyone to believe they want to re-sign Nik Ehlers, but I don't believe them.

Laine is 2 times $8.7. Ehlers is one year at $6 million and Necas is an arbitration eligible RFA who made $3.5 million in salary last year, so that's his Qualifying Offer. Toronto is not getting any of them.

Ferraro a hot commodity for San Jose — The Fourth Period
The Sharks are open to trading Mario Ferraro, but the price remains high. David Pagnotta hits on this and other topics across the NHL.

"Breaking" really.

Sweden has noticed that the Leafs seem to be not interested in Timothy Liljegren. This is actually a rip of an Athletic article that says the Leafs aren't going to talk contract until after they see how free agency goes.