Nikolaj Ehlers and the Winnipeg Jets are heading towards a long-expected divorce. In times like this, a team willing to sell low on a star player often means the acquiring team instantly got better. Many want the Leafs to be the sell-low team, but why can't they be the buyer?

If Tyler Bertuzzi is on the table in the range of $6 million (or heck, that audacious Domi ask), why not someone twice as good? Acquiring Ehlers is very doable for the Leafs in terms of the cap. They'd have about $13 million for their defense and a backup goalie. Sure, they'd have to skimp out in net and on the third pair, but maybe not spending a lot on a goalie is a blessing in disguise.

Either way, do it! It makes the team instantly better.

Ehlers welcomes change of scenery — The Fourth Period
Nikolaj Ehlers would be open to a trade, Jaccob Slavin contract talks have started, and more from across the NHL in David Pagnotta’s latest column.

The Leafs hired Lane Lambert as an associate coach. Here's a pair of thoughts on him from us and MLHS.

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New coach, seems a lot like the other new coach.
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We have the first official addition to Craig Berube’s coaching staff. Elliotte Friedman and Darren Dreger each reported that Lane Lambert has been all but hired at this point. In Friedman’s exact words, “With (Lane) Lambert, it’s just a matter of (the Leafs) making an announcement.” Lambert, who will turn 60 in November, has been […]

Mark DeMontis is doing a lot of good in the world for blind hockey players, founding multiple charities and programs to make hockey more affordable to people whose disabilities are also very expensive. He's a finalist for the Willie O'Ree Community Hero Award, which will be announced June 13th.

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Mark DeMontis is one of three finalists for the NHL’s Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award in Canada.

Zach Hyman was interviewed for a feature on the NHL website, where he talked about joining the Oilers from the Leafs.

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The finals are still two whole days away. Woosh.

Oilers plan to damage Florida Panthers’ morale by forcing them to visit Edmonton
With the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals fast approaching, sources close to the Edmonton Oilers have confirmed that the team has a new strategy for victory - namely, hoping the Florida Panthers are too demoralized by the sight of Edmonton, Alberta to play an effective game of hockey.

The 2024 summer showcase is set!