The hapless Oilers face off against the Panthers for game #2 tonight. Will they actually score a goal on Playoff Bob this time? Speaking of him, the NHL has a look at his game day routine which is apparently a bit wonky for a goalie. “I don’t know the first time I saw it, but I’m leaving the rink after the pregame and I’m heading home, and I look down the hallway and he’s Olympic lifting in the hallway. He’s playing that night and I don’t know what the [heck] he’s doing," said Paul Maurice.

Bobrovsky’s unique routine key to success for Panthers in Stanley Cup Final |
2-time Vezina Trophy winner goes through extended regimen to stay sharp after 14 NHL seasons

The PWHL draft is also tonight in Minneapolis/Saint Paul beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET. New York has the first pick in the draft and Toronto goes sixth. We have a full preview of the draft here:

PWHL Draft Eligible Players
Draft Primer time. Also news on free agency and trades.

Speaking of drafts, there's pressure to shorten the NHL Draft in the next CBA from some corners. There has also long been talk about raising the draft age to 19 as well.

The ratings are going well this year. Game #1 on Saturday was second only to... oh of course Leafs-Bruins game #7.

NHL hits multiple highs in conference finals, playoffs, entering Cup Final
Stanley Cup playoff viewership remains up double-digits entering the Cup Final, with conference final viewership up more than a quarter.

The schedule is out for the Four Nations Cup taking place in February in Boston and Montreal.

Montreal, Boston to host 4 Nations Face-off in 2025 |
Tournament will feature NHL players from United States, Canada, Finland, Sweden

Finally, one of our favourite tools for following the salary cap and contract side of NHL teams is about to vanish after being bought out by an NHL team. If you want to play around with the Leafs roster under the newly announced $88 million salary cap for next season, you only have about three weeks or so left to do that.

Capitals reach agreement to purchase CapFriendly website
It won’t happen until July, but according to multiple sources, the Washington Capitals have reached an agreement to purchase the outstanding CapFriendly website.

Enjoy your Monday. Only six possible games left until the Stanley Cup is handed out to a winner.