The Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings are reportedly getting new jerseys later this month and for the start of next season. Have a look at icethletics video that also gets into the new Utah team name. The Ducks might be marrying the current colour scheme with the old logo, while the Kings are going to try and look more like a crown.

PWHL Toronto – who are also getting a name for next season – are preparing for life without Natalie Spooner to start the year. In a 32-game league (up from 24 last year), each game is more important and missed games matter more.

Additionally, PWHL Toronto are looking to create some partnerships/affiliations with European teams to send players over who don't make the roster. This sort of change happening so soon is going to be interesting to follow, especially how it'll fit into the CBA, where players are protected from being shipped around the region without compensation.

Leafs prospect Noah Chadwick did a sit-down with Mark Masters.

Zadorov and Lindholm might be staying in Vancouver... though Zadorov's agent doesn't seem to like that this report got out there.

The NHL has a new docuseries on a variety of players.

Congrats to the TTC workers on avoiding a strike! I hope y'all got what you deserve!