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Species writes FTBs, covers the Toronto Marlies, and has things to say about hockey media when he's not lazy. He is renowned for his pasta casseroles and capacious basement resort for hockey players.

Dennis Hildeby and Alex Steeves at the AHL All-Star Classic

Dennis Hildeby and Alex Steeves just made it to the AHL All-Star Classic with only a few minutes to spare.

Monday's FTB: Bye, Leafs; Hello, Hirvonen

Tropical drink melting in your hand.

Friday's FTB: Joe Woll hits the right note

Joe Woll can tickle the ivories.

Monday's FTB: Well that was a road trip

Choo choo! The Jets are coming to town.

Recap: Maple Leafs eat the Kraken

The Maple Leafs win the squid game.

Toronto @ Seattle GDT: Eat the Kraken

Delicious morsel, let me get my bib.

Tuesday's FTB: The Leafs go west

Because it wasn't cold enough in Toronto, they are visiting Edmonton.

Saturday's FTB: Marlies clobber the Senators 8-0

If you're going to snap a losing streak, you should do it with a bang. Ryan Tverberg and Dennis Hildeby did just that.

"It's getting a little ridiculous now": Marlies coach sounds off on team's play after another loss

Marlies Coach John Gruden: "When they go off script and play it their way, obviously it's not working."

Recap: Leafs start California road trip with shutout against Kings

California dreamin' on such a winter's day!

Leafs @ Kings GDT: Who's still awake?

You're watching this game because you're either a die-hard fan, or you're on coke.

Tuesday's FTB: California here we come

California, I've been blue, since I've been away from you.

New Year's Eve FTB: What should be the Leafs resolution?

I can think of one really good one.

Boxing Day FTB: Captain Minten hits the ice

It's Boxing Day, a day historically dedicated to boxes, or boxing, or cats? I don't know why it's called that, but I do know there is hockey.

Thursday's FTB: The Marlies dunk on the Bruins again

It's always fun to beat the Bruins!

FTB: A tale of two tables

It was the best of times, it was the overtime of times.

Monday's FTB: Four Leafs games this week; the first is tonight

As if we weren't all busy enough with Christmas and the year-end now only two/three weeks away.

Wednesday's FTB: Marlies snap losing streak

The schedule oddities continue for the Maple Leafs with no game again today, you'll have to wait one more day until they travel to Ottawa to play the Senators.

Marlies update: two points with no wins, and Rich Clune returns

The Marlies picked up two points on the weekend without winning a game. They also made a big announcement today about their coaching staff.

FTB: Only one month to Christmas Day

The Leafs mark the start of the Christmas shopping season with a game against animals from Antarctica.

The Marlies split their weekend series against the Moose

The Manitoba Moose welcomed the Marlies back to Toronto for two games.

FTB: The Leafs are back home, but their next game is still an early start

The back-to-back road games this week start with a Black Friday special at 2:00 p.m. ET.

FTB: The Toronto Marlies had a great road trip

The Maple Leafs are heading to Sweden while the Marlies are returning from an epic road trip.

Monday's FTB: A busy week for the Leafs

The Leafs have four games on tap this week starting tonight, all of them here in Toronto. It's going to be a busy week.
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