Game #2. It comes mixed feelings and a lot of baggage this time. Will the Bruins be complacent now? Will the Leafs seek out revenge for game #1? Will it all go horribly wrong again? This is going to be be a fun day. Will you be spending all day dreading the upcoming game, or will you be chill and not worry about it, at least until a few minutes before it starts? I think I will drift from the later to the former as the day goes on.

Adding to the anxiety is that of course there's no news on lineups or injuries as per the directive from Treliving, so we'll have a preview out sometime after noon, but don't expect to hear much new information.

The Marlies playoff schedule is out and they start with the best-of-three series against Belleville. It will start down the 401 on Wednesday and come back here for a Friday night game, then go back to Belleville if needed.

Other News

The Jets clobbered the Avalanche in their series opener 7-4 (or 7-6 if you stayed up late enough), including scoring this one which had to be reviewed to see if it actually crossed the line.

It was not a good game for Georgiev.

The Rangers won the first game of their series with the Caps and who had Matt Rempe scoring their first goal? Now that would have been a big payoff prop bet.

The Panthers won their first of the series against the Lightning

And the Canucks beat the Predators and look who scored, our old Leafs friend with a last name for a first name and a first name for a last name.