The Leafs are hosting the Buffalo Sabres tonight in the first day of back-to-games, tomorrow they will go to Boston to play the Bruins, yeah... them again.

We'll have our preview of the Sabres game out later this morning.

The Marlies have a school day game this morning at 11:00 a.m., and the PWHL Toronto team is hosting PWHL Boston team here tonight. It's a busy day for Toronto hockey.

All this on the backdrop of the NHL trade deadline only two days away, well you could say it's three if you count today, Thursday, and Friday (the deadline is 3:00 p.m.). The Leafs are of course expected to do "something" so you better check in at PPP all day long!

Other News

The trades have in fact already begun.

Capitals Trade Anthony Mantha to Vegas Golden Knights
The Capitals are sending Mantha to Vegas in exchange for two draft picks.

Anyone who might be moved is now being kept out of games and safely stored in bubble wrap.

How is PWHL Toronto so good? This defence pairing.

Fast-Larocque defence pair provides sturdy backbone for red-hot PWHL Toronto | CBC Sports
Renata Fast and Jocelyne Larocque are no strangers to being partners on the blue line. And as the Professional Women’s Hockey League season has progressed, they have benefited from a lot of ice time together for a red-hot Toronto team that’s won seven in a row and eight of its last nine.

There's still a pasta casserole in the freezer waiting for you to come back home to Toronto, James!

Oh, Gudbranson. LOL