Five nights after clobbering the Bruins with a 8-2 win on their home in Providence, the Marlies did it again Wednesday night with a 7-3 win here in Toronto.

First, a programming note that the Leafs are in Buffalo tonight to face the Sabres who sit at 14th place in the Eastern Conference and are on a two game losing streak, so this should be an easy one for the Leafs... (nervous stare) right? We'll have our preview of tonight's game out around noon.

Now let's get to Marlies players scoring all over the Bruins.

Here's Kieffer Bellows who now has 17 points in 17 games, but is still on his try-out contract.

Topi Niemela picked up another, now with 6 goals and 11 assists in 22 games this season.

Max Lajoie got his first of the season.

Josiah Slavin got the final Marlies goal of the game to put them up 7-3

Dennis Hildeby was great again, still sitting near the top of the standings for the whole AHL this season and one wonders if an invite to the AHL All-Star Classic may be in the cards which is now only about six weeks away so we should hear some names soon. Joseph Woll went there for the Marlies last year and look where he is now! OK so no, I don't actually expect the much younger Hildeby to make that jump this season, but the range of his upside is starting to come in to focus and I can see it as possible he gets his chance too in one or two seasons.

Ty Voit made his debut with the Marlies in this game, but unfortunately he didn't get to play for long. On the power play for the Marlies he was shoved by the boards and fell. He took a long time to get up and went straight out of the game. John Gruden said afterwards that the "upper body injury" will have to be evaluated further. All this comes after another injury which had delayed his first game for the Marlies until now.

If you want to know more about Voit, check out or Top 25 Under 25 post from this off-season:

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Ty Voit is 15th
Sarnia is the oft-overlooked little brother, and Ty Voit is a prospect that seems to fit that role too. He’s unusual for an OHL player in that he’s American, and that means he has to really wow them back in Colorado Springs to make the national team.

Enjoy your Thursday! And if you are a perpetual last-minute shopper, I wish you good luck.