If you're going to snap a losing streak, you should do it with a bang, and that's what the Marlies did last night defeating the Senators 8-0 with Dennis Hildeby getting the shutout. Half of those eight goals are attributed to Ryan Tverberg, who scored the first three in a row on power plays.




That gets Tverberg up to 18 points in 17 games, he was out for injury for a time. To refresh your memory, you can read up on him here from our Top 25 Under 25 in the summer where we ranked him at #17, which was up five spots from the previous summer.

2023 T25U25: Ryan Tverberg is 17th
Ryan Tverberg has undergone a huge rise in status as a prospect since he was drafted, and his ranking history continues to reflect this improvement. As he enters his first full professional season, will that improvement be enough to make him a future contributor at the NHL level?

You won't be surprised a game with this kind of a rout caused things got a little out of hand from the officials and at the end of the second period it blew up.

The teams face each other again on Sunday in Belleville, so we may get some more fireworks there. William Villeneuve said he is looking forward to it saying "Belleville is always a fun game and rivalry and we're going to go down there on Sunday and try to keep stacking those wins."

And that's the final home game for the Marlies until February while the keys to the rink are turned over out the annual Toronto International Boat Show which starts next Friday. The Marlies won't go far to start, as noted the first game is a rematch over in Belleville, but once actually on the trip, they'll go all the way south to Carolina and then work their way north through six different teams in the US over the two weeks.

The Leafs aren't going anywhere this weekend but will be playing back-to-back games here in Toronto with the Avalanche in town tonight and the Red Wings in town tomorrow. We'll have our preview of tonight's game out later this morning.

The Toronto PWHL team is hosting Ottawa this afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

Other News

Fanatics botching custom jersey orders is becoming quite the trend.

Goalie drama in Columbus as Merzlikins has been seemingly demoted to the #3 spot on their depth chart.

Shane Pinto is about to come back after his 41-game suspension for breaking league gambling rules ends next week.

Shane Pinto skating with Ottawa Senators for first time since suspension | TSN
Shane Pinto skated with the Ottawa Senators, joining the team for the first time since receiving his 41-game suspension for violating the league’s gambling rules. Pinto will be eligible to play Jan. 21, when the Senators face the Philadelphia Flyers.

If you're trying to get to any of the games downtown today or tomorrow note that the TTC subway is closed the entire weekend from St. Andrew through to St. George (north/south only) and the TTC is NOT running any replacement shuttle bus service on University Ave.. You'll have to use the Yonge side of the U to go north/south through downtown, or brave a trip on the Spadina streetcar.

Full weekend closure St George to St Andrew stations - Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14, 2024

But why would you want to go out in this weather anyway? Stay here with PPP and watch hockey with the kittens!