Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans, and those who love a good question mark in a headline.

So, the Leafs and Corey Perry?

That's the rumour of the day, and may I say, why?

Perry has his usefulness as a player, he's the shitheel some Leafs fans have been clamouring for and with Ryan Reaves injured he could be a useful bottom sixer.

He's been a 20ish point player the last few seasons - one freak 40 point season with the Lightning a couple years ago.

However, there is a mystery reason why he's available.

More details emerge about incident leading to Corey Perry’s release by Blackhawks
After a week of rumours swirling online regarding Corey Perry’s hiatus and release from the Chicago Blackhawks some details have emerged.

We don't know why but if you did something bad enough to be removed from -Chicago- it's gotta be bad.

So, there's the questions of do the Leafs need him? Bottom six forwards aren't a pressing need since they've been performing well and the Leafs haven't been pushed around as much since the Marchand / Liljegren incident and overall this team is pretty great. Improvements can always be made, and of course you want "playoff players" and Perry has plenty of recent Stanley Cup final experience.

Of course there's also that thing about kneeing John Tavares in the head. Combine that with the Chicago thing a lot of distractions and unwanted questions and speculations would follow the team around.

If I had to guess, I'd say it this talk is largely agent based because no one gets your name out there like the Maple Leafs.

I don't think it's a headache the Leafs need.

Report: Toronto Maple Leafs, Corey Perry have mutual interest
As discussed on TSN 1050’s First Up, former NHLer Carlo Colaiacovo rep…

That is some power, to unseat the mighty Stanley.

So last night the Maple Leafs once again lost in overtime to the Islanders, but the boo birds were pretty quiet.

Milestone night for Matthews, game given away by turnovers
Too many pucks handed on a platter

Brock McGillis is on his way to speak, to 100 hockey teams in 100 days about changing the culture of the game.

Bringing a ‘Culture shift’ to hockey in Canada | CityNews Montreal
Former Ontario Hockey League and professional hockey player, Brock McGillis, left a mark with young Montreal hockey players, as he is aiming to speak 100 teams in 100 days.As one of the first openly gay men’s players in the sport, he’s embarked on a national speaking tour of Canada that he’s calling the “Culture Shift Tour.” He wants to uplift young hockey players while being an advocate for the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

The girls have out performed the boys as the women's U18 team has reached the semifinals of the world championships.

Canada advances to semis at U18 women’s hockey worlds after shutting out Swiss | TSN
Sienna D’Alessandro scored two goals and Canada advanced to the semifinals of the world women’s under-18 hockey championship with a 6-0 win over host Switzerland on Thursday.

Gabriel Landeskog has sat out most of this season, but is back on the ice!

Finally, Cutter Gauthier has spoken out about leaving the Flyers and the derangement fans have online.

Cutter Gauthier on his trade to Anaheim and more | The Sporting Tribune
Cutter Gauthier is excited to be in Anaheim, and ready to put everything else behind him.

Have a great day everyone!