Roster Shenanigans

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Roster moves that seem to push the boundaries of the NHL CBA.

Maple Leafs Official Roster

The names may change before Wednesday's opening game.

Maple Leafs Make Roster Cuts

Nick Robertson and Pontus Holmberg to the AHL.

Maple Leafs waive Martin Jones

Looks to be the only player on waivers for Toronto.

Who's left at Leafs Training Camp

Some have been asking, here are the answers.

Who on the Leafs needs waivers?

Math says there is only one job up for grabs.

Toronto Maple Leafs Training Camp Roster 2023

The Leafs have announced their training camp roster.

Maple Leafs shuffle the roster

But there’s more to come.

New faces at Leafs practice hint of cap moves to come

It’s going to be like this all day.

Leafs recall Dahlström, Seney from Marlies; demote Rubīns

Some roster shuffling on a Sunday afternoon.

Maple Leafs want to recondition Petr Mrázek

With Petr Mrázek about to be sent to the Marlies, it’s time to re-learn the differences between the two types of conditioning loans.

Kirill Semyonov on unconditional waivers for contract termination

The forward’s Maple Leafs career ends after three games played.

Maple Leafs make a roster swap of their depth

Joseph Woll has not gone all the way to the Marlies, just the Taxi Squad.

Marincin up and Sandin down as Leafs and Marlies swap players

Marlies also add several new faces on ATOs. You’ll never guess where they’re from.

Maple Leafs Practice Update: injuries, absences and cap machinations

Today’s post-loss practice had all of that and Michael Hutchinson too.

Spezza clears, Dell does not

As expected, the retirement threat kept all hands off Jason Spezza.

Aaron Dell and Jason Spezza on waivers

No, I’m not all that sure what’s going on either.

Kyle Dubas says he’s finished with the Maple Leafs roster moves

He isn’t planning to add anyone of impact or make trades for cap space.

Projecting the Maple Leafs playoff roster

Featuring Nick Robertson! Confirmed!

Maple Leafs extend Pierre Engvall for two seasons

The Giraffe will be an RFA at the end of this deal.

Leafs Recall Forward Tyler Gaudet From Marlies

Everybody gets a ride on the carousel!

Salary Cap Loopholes and Well-Timed Injuries: Can the Leafs pull off the Chicago Gambit?

Is there a clever LTIR scheme to replace Morgan Rielly that will let the Leafs have their cake and eat it too?

Updated: Leafs Recall And Then Demote F Kenny Agostino and D Timothy Liljegren

Forwards Ilya Mikheyev and Trevor Moore have been placed on injured reserve.

Questions about the Maple Leafs: Who’s going to be the back up?

The answer should be easy, but there’s always a twist.

Michael Hutchinson is still on the Maple Leafs roster

Does he have to get sent down? And if so when?
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