Cap Space Shuffle

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Roster moves and salary cap analysis.

John Klingberg on LTIR

Klingberg out.

Injured defencemen and the salary cap

Timothy Liljegren, the salary cap and you.

Leafs offer some clarity on Matt Murray's status

This is an irritated (irritating?) rant disguised as a news story.

Conor Timmins out week-to-week

What does that mean? The trouble is, it could mean anything from Timmins is ready for opening day – it's more than a week away – to he's out until Christmas. It's also possible this timeline will get updated to something worse, so when it comes

Ilya Samsonov is awarded a $3.55M contract by the arbitrator

The ilya Samsonov drama is over. The arbitrator has awarded him a one year contract for $3.55M.

The Secretly Cap-Strapped Teams

Even with Jake Muzzin on LTIR, the Leafs have to find $3 million in cap space somewhere, and in much the same way William Nylander is the only player negotiating a contract, the Leafs are the only team who need to do something by October to be cap compliant. Or so it would seem.

Maple Leafs Cap Space Pre-Draft

It's been a while since I wrote about the Leafs roster, and the cap situation, so with the draft, trades and free agency looming, an executive summary is in order.

State of the Maple Leafs Roster

What happens as players get healthy and return?

Activating Matt Murray is going to bring the salary cap back into view

Jake Muzzin is the only reason there isn’t an immediate cap crunch.

About that salary cap increase

Doesn’t it strike you as strange that it’s either $1 million or $4.5 million with no middle ground?

Maple Leafs Offseason Cap Space

You might be surprised by how much room there is. But it’s nearly all an illusion.

Maple Leafs cap space post Riley Nash trade

Half of the picture is clear. The rest is like watching a game in reverse retro jerseys.

Maple Leafs Practice Update: injuries, absences and cap machinations

Today’s post-loss practice had all of that and Michael Hutchinson too.

Maple Leafs Cap Space after the Andreas Johnsson Trade

Things look much better, but looks can be deceiving.

Is Ilya Mikheyev headed to arbitration?

We’ll know by the end of today.

Maple Leafs Cap Space After the Brodie Signing

There’s a bit of an overage, and it sure seems like someone has to go.

RFA rules: Arbitration, Qualifying Offers and negotiations with no end date

The weirdest part of this offseason is the missing final deadline.

No one wants a John Tavares style contract this season

The rich teams win by giving big signing bonuses concept is about to meet a whole new contract reality.

The end of LTIR and the Maple Leafs

Farewell to David Clarkson, best wishes to Nathan Horton.

What’s the Maple Leafs cap space like post Kapanen trade?

The Leafs aren’t up against the cap anymore. It’s a least a foot away now.
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