Today, the news we've been expected since the Leafs went to Sweden and John Klingberg was a non-factor is official.

With no formal word on what is wrong with Klingberg, and nothing to go on other than random comments about how he is hurt in some way, we can't make any guesses about the term of this absence from hockey.

With Klingberg's $4.15 million in cap hit added to the LTIR pool, the Leafs will be able to activate the recovered Conor Timmins with ease.

Alex Steeves has been recalled, and this is likely due to the injury to Calle Järnkrok in practice yesterday, suffered when he blocked a shot. As is normal practice for all injuries in the NHL, Sheldon Keefe was open about this, and reported today that Järnkrok was a game-time decision for Friday's game.

What this all means for the slightly longer-term roster is not known yet. But Timothy Liljegren can also be recalled from LTIR when he's healthy without issue if Klingberg remains out. Liljegren has been out with a high ankle sprain for three weeks.

LTIR must last at least 24 days and 10 games, but it's possible the Leafs backdated Klingberg's assignment to – well, I can't say to when he was injured, since there was no particular event – but to the last game he played.

The NHL requires, because of gambling, that all teams be open and transparent about injuries. The Leafs are not doing that in this case, and they will therefore suffer the consequences of speculation and scorn about this use of LTIR. That sort of thing splashes over onto the player, so if his privacy is their goal, it's being achieved in a strange way.