It's a Leafs gameday! Finally.

Remember the game is at 2 pm today, and we'll have a preview/GDT up before that.

We had news yesterday about John Klingberg, and we will await the start of the game today to see if Calle Järnkrok will play or the just recalled Alex Steeves.

John Klingberg on LTIR
Klingberg out.

In news of various kinds:

Matt Tomkins was on waivers yesterday for the Lightning. Only one reason for that, Andrei Vasilevskiy is ready to return. Tampa is at .575 in points % and have a negative goal differential. If Vasilevskiy is ready out of the gate, he'll fix that second thing, but the Lightning have been weirdly lucky to get points while playing goalies below the NHL level and also playing really poorly. If they improve on any area of their play, they will start rising in the standings.

Toronto is going to lag behind in games played for a little while, so beware people using standings place based on points to make claims about where Toronto stands. Where they stand is actually on some pretty thin ice, no thicker than what Tampa is resting on, but we'll see how this weekend shakes out, and if the wins in Sweden really meant something.

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And that's it for Friday morning. See you at 2 pm for the game.