Today is wrong Thanksgiving, as it's been known around here for some years. It's the day many people mangle statistical probabilities by telling you that teams who aren't in a playoff position by today won't be later either, as if the day is some kind of magical thing.

It might, just might, be that teams that start poorly just aren't very good, and stay not being very good, and the exceptions aren't mysterious, they're teams that had a poor start for a specific (goalie) reason (Bobrovsky).

If you like American football as well as American-timed holidays, this list purports to be all the games:

Thanksgiving football schedule 2023: Kickoff times, TV for holiday week
The Thanksgiving Football Schedule for the 2023 season is set! The schedule includes TV for FBS, FCS, and NFL contests this holiday week.

If you like hockey, you are SOL since there are no games today for the second time this week.

Tomorrow includes a plethora of afternoon games which might be of interest to anyone not working on a random Friday in November.

In news of a hockey sort, we have:

Hockey mom’s post highlights ‘broom closet’ for girls change room | CBC News
An Ontario hockey mom posted a video of the ‘broom closet’ room where her daughter and four other players were asked to change at a hockey tournament last weekend north of London, Ont.

This woman is so kind, so understanding of the problems small rinks have in building the infrastructure they need, that she's a model for us all, but this is also not okay. The article also points out that sometimes the girls on opposite teams have to change together, while the boys never do. Imagine that othering, that destruction of the team dynamic.

The road is long, and here we are 21st century people, and we can't sort this out.

Keep this in mind the next time some oik wants to criticize the PWHL and the optics of the PR stratigization of leveraging branding on social media. They, er, frigging have, er, frigging locker rooms, I'll tell you what.

If they keep him, that's a WJC spot...

Now, I personally think that saying LOLOILERS in an FTB you're composing the night before is a risk. But...

The Canes swapped goalies in sympathy:

No sorry, he was laughing so hard, they were worried he'd hurt himself.

And on that note, Happy American Thanksgiving or Thursday, depending on where you live! And just don't tell me if the Oilers came back and won it.