FTB: Leafs get a chance to beat the Bruins

It's been a long time in hockey years, but not so long it wouldn't be sweet to beat them.

Recap: The Leafs lost, and Florida wins the division

The Maple Leafs had the chance to control their destiny, but after a strong start had to attempt to play catch up....

Preview: Leafs @ Panthers

Is this the playoff preview or not?

Tuesday's FTB: Florida bound

The Leafs retire the regular season in Florida.

Tell me about heart

Put down the spreadsheet and just watch the game.

FTB: Two to go

Only two games left. What will happen?

GDT: Women's Worlds Gold Medal Game

Talk here about Canada vs. USA for gold.

Maple Leafs Sign Nicolas Mattinen... yes, THAT Nicolas Mattinen

The Toronto Maple Leafs brought back one of the OG Large Adult Sons from the before times: Nicolas Mattinen. They also signed undrafted free agent Chas Sharpe to an AHL contract.

FTB: Another week of Coyotes drama

Will it finally end? Maybe not for half a decade.

Marlies clinch spot in Calder Cup Playoffs

Matt Murray makes the big save in a shootout to secure a spot for the Marlies in the Calder Cup Playoffs.

Recap: Leafs come back only to fall in OT

There was not, in fact a shootout.

Preview: Leafs host Wings for the last home game

Last home game, last Detroit game.

Utah gets a team - how does this affect the Leafs?

It's always about the Leafs, right?

Saturday FTB: One last time at home

The final game of the season at Scotiabank Arena is tonight against Detroit. How have the Leafs performed at home?

Friday FTB: Matthews passes Sundin in even strength goals

Auston Matthews, at only the age of 26, has passed Mats Sundin for the Leafs all-time record of even strength goals.

Recap: Devils can't stop Auston Matthews, but the Leafs can't stop the Devils

Auston Matthews scores again and again, becomes the third highest scorer in Leafs history. Also, a hockey game happened.

Preview & GDT: Leafs host Devils

This is the last Devils game.

Thursday FTB: the Coyotes are being sold for how much?

A very rich man in Utah is on his way to buy the Arizona Coyotes for a whopping $1.3 billion.

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: More Playoff Updates

Checking in on Toronto's prospects in the playoffs, including those who have advanced to the next round and the one that was eliminated.

Wednesday FTB: How many games does Auston need to score 4 more?

A day off from hockey. You'll have time to watch all 66 of those goals.

Recap: Leafs dance with the Devils

The Toronto Maple Leafs win back to back games, home and away, and Auston Matthews keeps on scoring.

Preview and GDT: Leafs @ Devils

It's the Devils again, and not for the last time, either.

Tuesday FTB: SEGABABA time

Another game? How long is this season?
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